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‘A Culture Worth Dying For’ – This Week on Moments With Mo



Death, for some people, such as the terminally ill is an expected event that is prepared for. For some others, it descends swiftly, and suddenly, like an unwelcome guest. For these unfortunate victims, a medical check up might have been the thin line between life and death.

In ‘A Culture Worth Dying For‘, Mo attempts to dispute the notion of sudden death, and she discusses the importance of regular medical checkups and how it is often taken for granted. Mo also speaks to the family of Chantel Johnson, who was discovered to have leukemia during routine antenatal tests and died within a year of her diagnosis.

If you can’t remember when your last medical check up was, or you’ve never had one, tune in to find out for everything you need to know about healthy, prolonged living.

This episode will air on Tuesday 2nd of November 2010 on MNet West Africa by 9.30pm with repeat broadcasts on the same channel on Wednesdays by 2pm and Saturdays by 2.30pm.
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  1. mii2

    November 2, 2010 at 4:45 pm

    BellaNaija, it isn’t fair we have been asking how do we watch this show outside Nigeria? And we haven’t gotten an answer. lol But u do a good job keeping us updated.

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