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RIP Mofya Chisenga – 28 year old Zambian Beauty Queen passes away due to pregnancy-related health complications

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Such sad news.
Zambian beauty queen/TV presenter, Mofya Chisenga has passed away. The 28 year old reportedly passed away due to complications after childbirth.

Moyfa represented Zambia at the 2006 Miss Universe pageant, Miss Tourism Queen International Pageant 2005 in China and the Miss Leisure World 2008 pageant in China. The news of Mofya’s death was broken by Just a year ago, Mofya was a judge at the first-ever Miss Southern Africa Zambia pageant in Lusaka.

We remember her beautiful smile and charity work especially her efforts to raise funds for orphans.


From the Post Zambia
University Teaching Hospital spokesperson, Pauline Mbangeta said Mofya, was taken to the institution around 08:00 hours on Friday in a critical condition.

“I am told she died here at UTH, she died last night at 22:00 hours Friday.

What happened was that on September 27, about three weeks ago, she was admitted with malaria in pregnancy then she was discharged. Then yesterday she was brought in a very critical condition with pulmonary oedema in cardiac patient. That’s actually fluid in the lungs,” Mbangweta said.

Mbangweta said Mofya (left) was in a critical condition but that the doctors managed to deliver her baby girl at around 13:00 hours on Friday.

“She was in a very critical condition but our doctors managed to deliver the baby at 13:00 hours using forceps because of the condition that the patient was in, she was quite ill. After delivering the baby, they decided to resuscitate the patient and the patient was actually there, she died around 22:00 hours. So she did not die during childbirth, she delivered the baby but because she had this condition already, she died later in the night,” said Mbangweta.

Mofya’s untimely passing is a stark reminder on the rate of maternal death all around the world.

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