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New Music: Aaron Wright- I Need Your Love

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With his smooth and alluring vocals and energetic live performance, Aaron Wright is pretty much a less brash, not so in-your-face, much calmer Chris BrownAaron Wright (also known as A-Dubb) is a 21 year old Nigerian R&B/Pop singer based in the US.

Growing up in Shreveport, Louisiana and later moving to Atlanta at 18 to pursue his music career, Aaron has been able to expose himself to so many different avenues; so much so that they got him performing in Brussels and Amsterdam, as well as sitting in sessions in the studio with the likes of Chip, Sean Gareth and Super Producer RedOne among others to learn.

Now, having crafted his art in Dance Hall, R&B & Pop; he’s ready to bring his sound back home with his catchy new single “I Need Your Love”. For me, it took a while to kick in but as soon as I heard Aaron’s soft vocals on the track and the way he played with melodies, i decided to just sit back and Enjoy!

Play Aaron Wright- I Need Your Love

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