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New Music: Waje – I Wish (Leak)

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Waje is nothing short of a breath of fresh air whenever she blows us away with her vocal prowess. On her new single, “I Wish”, the vocal powerhouse takes a different route which, though its far from her comfort zone, appears to be very at home for her.

“I Wish” feels like a 90’s reggae and pop mash-up with a love-inspired Nigerian, rather Waje, interpretation that will feel nostalgic to some, extremely original, in this era, to all and trigger a lot of reminiscence to most pre-’90s babies.

Whether you’re in the “some” or “most”, all will appreciate “I Wish” as it’s an attempt that just adds to the versatility that we all knew Waje was capable of.

Update: Apparently the song was an unauthorized leak and is not an official single. Still a beautiful song though and we are looking forward to Wajes album


Play Waje – I Wish

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