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Waje Leaves Little To Our Imagination in her New Video “I Wish” | View Photos from the Shoot

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Waje I Wish (3)

Waje looks quite vivacious in her new “I Wish” video. We really can’t wait to see what concept they came up with for this stunning song, which leaked online a while back to rave reviews.

They made use of a lot of artsy looking locations and a lot of fashion, yes, including a birthday suit. Waje‘s ‘outfit’ is rather suggestive of vulnerability, a theme prevalent in the “I Wish” single.

Directed by Clarence Peters

Check on it!

Waje I Wish (2)
Waje I Wish (1)Waje (4)Waje I Wish (6) Waje I Wish (5)
Waje I Wish (3)Waje (3) Waje (1) Waje (2) Waje (5) Waje I Wish (2) DSC_1291 Waje I Wish (4) Waje I Wish (1)Waje I Wish (4)

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