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Pres. Jonathan: “Terror Will Not Stop Nigeria from Moving”

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President Jonathan - BN Movies & TV - May 2014 - 01

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan at the World Economic Forum yesterday Thursday 8th May 2014, spoke to a BBC reporter on the missing girls and insecurity in the nation.

He said;
“Let me use this opportunity to thank all of you for even agreeing to come to Abuja at this time.

That you are coming alone, speaks volume, shows clearly that the whole world is against terror, and that terror will not stop the world from moving, terror will not stop Africa from moving, terror will not stop Nigeria from moving.

And let me use this opportunity to thank the home government, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, President of the United States of America, the President of France, of course the President, the Premiere of China, these are countries that are willing, have shown commitment that they will come and help to solve the unique problems we have, the issue of terror, especially relating to this disappearance of some young girls in a particular secondary school, I believe we will be able to ravel it, I believe with the assistance and investment we are making now, we will be able to bring terror to an end in Nigeria.”

The reporter asks “And how do you think you’ll be able to bring the girls home?”

GEJ says “Yes of course, they will. We want to really know what happens (yes, happens) in that particular secondary school that particular day, up till this time, nobody has been able to give us a clear picture of what happened.

Satellite technology in Nigeria is still limited. These other powerful countries, their satellite technology is quite robust, so through their own system we will be able to know exactly what happened.”

BBC Reporter: And you mentioned that terrorism is the greatest issue facing Nigeria.

GEJ: “It is the greatest in terms of is the greatest for now, though it does not affect the whole country, but then if you are terror in some parts of the country, then you have terror attack everywhere.”

BBC Reporter: So, what is your message to the parents of these girls in this difficult time

GEJ: “They should co-operate with government, we will surely bring their daughters back.”

To watch the video on BBC, click here

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