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Tiger Woods is Making Headlines for Getting One of His Front Teeth Knocked out by a Photographer



Tiger WoodsPro Golfer Tiger Woods’ missing tooth is all everyone is talking about.

The 39-year-old golf legend mistakenly got one of his front teeth knocked out by a photographer in Italy yesterday morning as he made his way in between a crowd to watch his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn accept her 63rd World Cup title.

According to his agent, Mark Steinberg, “During a crush of photographers as the awards podium at the World Cup event in Italy, a media member with a shoulder-mounted video camera pushed and surged toward the stage, turned and hit Tiger Woods in the mouth. Woods’ tooth was knocked out by the incident.”


Photo Credit: ESPN
Additional Photo Credit: Getty Images/Ethan Miller

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  1. Scarface

    January 20, 2015 at 12:11 pm

    I laff in Swahili, Nigga got his tooth knocked the – out……….. hehehehe

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