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LUTH Doctors Begin 3-Day Warning Strike | Threaten Total Shutdown if Demands are Not Met



Doctors End Strike BellaNaijaThe Association of Resident Doctors, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) chapter, has commenced a three-day warning strike over  the stopping of “skipping policy” for doctors working at the hospital.

LUTH ARD Chairman, Moronkola Ramon on Monday explained that skipping is a policy whereby doctors were given double promotion, and that the management granted the same privileges to other health workers in the hospital, Punch reports.

“We gave the management a seven-day ultimatum to implement skipping for doctors as it used to,” Ramon said.

“We also served the 21-day notice needed for us to proceed on an indefinite action if they failed to implement the policy. If they do not after this strike, we will consider an indefinite strike. However, we will be providing emergency services to avert unnecessary loss of lives.”

Ramon further expressed that he wondered why LUTH was yet to comply with the agreement that the Federal Government had with its national body, the Nigerian Medical Association.

He stated that the strike was in compliance with the directive from the association‘s national body.


  1. honey

    June 16, 2015 at 9:33 am

    They are always on strike. That is why they can’t compete with world class Doctors.

    They strike pass teachers sef.

    Always on strike.

  2. kelechi

    June 16, 2015 at 9:49 am

    These annoying doctors that are hardly ever available to do their work! Chrrrrrrr……………..

  3. Dr braindrain

    June 16, 2015 at 4:40 pm

    I’m one of those world class docs in the US who joined the brain drain after seeing how hopeless the practice environment is. I have a huge deal of respect for Nigerian docs who work in hospitals that would otherwise be shut down by hospital management authorities here for not even meeting safety standards.

    These docs have suffered through school and work under the most appaling situations and watch patients die for stupid reasons…..on top of it all, they are expected to perform saintly work when their bills are no less than the rest of the populace.

    I’m had I left. These world class docs don’t work half as hard or see as many patients and won’t put up with half the crap Naija doctors bear. Yet people insult them instead of the government that cheats them or fails to provide a decent working environment. C-sections and operations using rechargeable lamps….and crappy benefits…..then insult from unsupportive citizens. Good riddance for now.
    I wish them the best and hope one day I might consider practicing in my homeland again.

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