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Suicide Bombers Attack 2 Buildings Simultaneously in Chad | 23 Dead & 100 Injured




Suicide bombers on Monday attacked the National Police Academy building and another building simultaneously in Chad’s capital, N’Djamena.

According to AP, the attack has left at least 23 people dead and over 100 injured.

Witnesses told reporters that “this is the first assault of its kind since Islamic militants threatened the country earlier this year.”

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, however; sources say Boko Haram is probably responsible.


  1. ardnas

    June 15, 2015 at 3:17 pm

    God help us oooooo! Chaiii…early Monday Morning eh!

  2. Ba

    June 15, 2015 at 3:52 pm

    I see no changes between PMB and his predecessor. The No 1 constitutional duty is beginning to threaten his new administration. Did he like the way ppl die prematurely up and down. PMB better brace up before things get worse beyond control. Bombers keep being successful while Buhari the failure keeps travelling around world. He better face his job especially security department. Suicide bombing is just a sample, what of armed robbery, kidnapping, stealing and other crime issue. He better start something especially in the northeast because what he inherited is deep garbage and he can’t lay foolish excuse to the past like weak leader did.
    Start counting…..
    Winner: Suicide bomber
    Loser: Buharism

    • someothersense

      June 16, 2015 at 9:25 am

      Ermm, use sense small nah! Even if you hate/dislike buhari, biko use sense! This happened in chad, chad dey naija? For your information, something is been done about BH, MJTF between countries in west africa. It is not a day’s job o nne!

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