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MTV’s Michelle Williams/Michelle Obama Gaffe in a Destiny’s Child Photo




This photo is currently causing some ripples.

Music channel MTV shared this photo on their Instagram page where they had replaced former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams with Michelle Obama.

Michelle Williams took it in good spirit and reposted on her page saying You guys play waaaaaaaay too much! I see the pettiness crept into 2016!!! Only because it’s the one and only @michelleobama will I even entertain this!!! This is a good one that I must laugh at!!!”

Michelle Williams has since deleted the photo but it is still on @MTV with the caption “Michelle was always my favourite Destiny’s Child”

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  1. December Wind

    January 7, 2016 at 10:39 am

    Very unnecessary , replacing someone with another just because they share the same name. .. zero humor , zero concept. .. MTV can do better than this

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