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Did you Miss the UNILAG “No light, No water” Drama? Watch “Akah Bants” to Know what Really Happened

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A new episode of Akah Bants is out and he talks about the “No Water & No Power”  issue at the University of Lagos.

Akah Nnani unravels the unfolding drama in University of Lagos, one of Nigeria’s top public universities, which just recently shutdown its campus activities and forcefully sent its students home (click here if you missed it).

Students protested as there had been no light and no water but there was constant light for the administrators. Out of frustration they even unplugged the generator of the “Senate building” – where the admin is.

There is always electricity on the weekends, when students need it less. There’s also hardly any running water.

Also, students are only allowed to buy drinking water from UNILAG (no external water brands) but it’s not always available, and is relatively expensive.

Watch Akah talk to a UNILAG student about how it all unfolded below:


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