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Osayi Emokpae Lasisi: Value Your Staff & Watch Your Business Flourish! 5 Reasons Why You Should



Nsoedo Frank | | business man womanRunning a business is hard, running an unsuccessful business is even harder. Some leaders have ideas and dreams and they keep pushing and trying to get their people to run along side them with the vision. It’s easy to get frustrated when you keep saying the same things but your people keep doing everything, but what you want them to do. Often times we start to wonder if these people are doing it on purpose, if they really don’t care about the business, or their job, or their lives, and in wondering we miss the main point.

As leaders we have a lot more control on what our people do than we think. And one of the ways we miss it is in the aspect of appreciation. Something like appreciation can make all the difference in the world – here are some reasons to start appreciating your people today.

Your people will be happier and healthier
Our words are powerful. The words we say about ourselves are powerful, and the words we hear regularly are also very powerful. Most adults spend over 90% of their lives in the office, so what they hear in the office becomes the predominant motivation in their lives. If they hear words of strength and appreciation – thank you for being available, thank you for being creative, thank you for always putting in your best – they will continue to bloom and will continue to want to do their best.

Your people will be more creative
One of the things that stops creativity is fear. When your people are afraid that they will be attacked for not following instructions, or they will be blamed for any failure, they will do their best to avoid being attacked and blamed. What this means is they will never try something that is risky. Creativity in essence is risky – to do something different, you need to try something that people may love or people may hate, but when one is afraid that if the idea doesn’t work out they may be embarrassed, or lose favor, or lose their jobs, then they would never try to be creative.

Your people will be more engaged
There’s nothing as beautiful as working with people who love their jobs, who love coming in to work, who love doing whatever they are called to do. When a staff member is engaged, you can see the difference in their output. They are willing to work longer hours, when the situation calls for it, they are willing to think outside the box, they are willing to make you look good and take all the glory, because they know you value them.

Your people need your kindness
Think about how a bad day affects you personally, and affects your family when you get home. Some leaders are responsible for the broken families, and the ill health of their staff. Is that the kind of leader you want to be? Don’t forget that whatever you do comes back to you. If you are mean and unkind, others will also be mean and unkind, and the vitriol you pour out on your staff will also be poured out to you. Is that what you want in your life?

Your people will make you PLENTY OF MONEY
What do you think happens when people are not afraid, they rarely get sick, they come up with plenty of ideas, and are willing to work hard? They will end up making lots of money. They will make lots of money because they love what they are doing and are willing to try different things, learn new things, and are committed to the results. When people feel valued, challenges will not be an excuse, instead they will find ways around the challenges and work instead on getting the results – and guess who profits from those amazing results? That’s right, you and your organization.

How does making more money sound to you?

Photo Credit: | Nsoedo Frank

Osayi Lasisi is a leader in growth marketing. She is passionate about marketing, and has been helping brands reach more new b2b or b2c customers using paid channels. You can connect with her and find out more -

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