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NFF Crisis: Parallel NFF Boards Ban Each Other from Football Activities



Chris Giwa (L) and Amaju Pinnick (R)

Chris Giwa (L) and Amaju Pinnick (R)

The two factions of Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) on Thursday banned each other from all football activities for a minimum of five years.

The Disciplinary Committees of the Christopher Giwa and the Amaju Pinnick led boards took the decision at their respective meeting in Abuja.

A communique issued by the Giwa-led Disciplinary Committee said that each member of the Pinnick-led NFF board had been suspended for seven years from football activities for impersonation.

Those banned are Amaju Pinnick, the President; Seyi Akinwunmi, First Vice President, as well as Ahmed Yusuf Fresh, Ibrahim Gusau, Inuwa Sheriff Amaral, Christopher Green, and Baba Gana.

The ban was also extended to Suleiman Kwande, a member of the House of Representatives serving in the Pinnick-led NFF board.

The communique also said that the individuals were suspended after they failed to appear before the disciplinary committee to answer the impersonation allegations against them.

“Parties were invited to appear before the Organising and Disciplinary Committee but they did not respond, neither did they send representations. After a very careful review of the allegations against them, the committee has no option than to reach summary decisions on them.

That the former members of the Amaju Pinnick group have been found guilty of impersonating the NFF despite being served the orders of the Federal High Court, Jos. The court on April 8th 2016, ordered the nullification of the September 30th 2014 election that purportedly brought them into office.

That they have variously and severally continued the breach in perpetuity against the laws of the land. That the Executive Committee of the NFF should report the matter of impersonation, which are criminal in nature, to the Nigeria Police and the Directorate of State Security Service,” the communique read.

Similarly, the Pinnick-led NFF Organising and Disciplinary Committee after reviewing the situation, banned members of the Giwa board for five years each.

A communique of meeting issued by Ademola Olajire, NFF Assistant Director of Communications, said after the committee’s meeting in Abuja, said Giwa’s board was banned for illegally representing the NFF in South Africa.

“Christopher Giwa, Muazu Suleyman, Yahaya Adama, Sani Fema, and Johnson Effiong are found guilty of Illegally representing the NFF in breach of Article 40 of the NFF Statutes.

This occurred when they, without due authorisation and mandate, purported to contract a law firm, Messrs Leslie Cohen & Associates of Illovo Law Chambers, 4 Fricker Road, Ground Floor, South Africa in the name of NFF.

They, however, refused to pay for services whereby the said Messrs Leslie Cohen & Associates commenced proceedings against the NFF for the sum of 100, 000 dollars being legal fees for professional services.

The services were rendered in the High Court of South Africa, Gauteng Local Division, Johannesburg,” the communique read.

It also said that the individuals were banned from football for taking football matters to a regular court in breach of Article 69(1) of the NFF Statute and failing to submit to the jurisdiction of FIFA.

There is insufficient particulars and evidence submitted to establish the charge of threats, unguarded, uncouth and uncivilised statements in the media against the NFF by the Giwa group.

Giwa is guilty of breach of the general rules of conduct as contained in Article 13 of the FIFA Code of Ethics when he invaded the premises of the NFF and falsely presented himself as football President on May 6th 2016.

That Christopher Giwa, Muazu Suleyman, Yahaya Adama, Sani Fema and Johnson Effiong are found guilty of failing to comply fully with the statutes, regulations, directives and decisions of FIFA and NFF.

This is in contravention of Article 13 1(a) of NFF Statutes 2010 in relation to the NFF Election held in Warri Delta State on September 30th 2014.

They are also in breach of fiduciary and loyalty as contained in Article 15 of FIFA Code of Ethics 2012 by carrying out various deliberate acts and conducts capable of attracting a ban from FIFA on the NFF.

Their action is capable of putting the administration and development of football in Nigeria into jeopardy,” it read.

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