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You have to see this AMAZING Nigerian Food Art by Haneefah of Muslimahanie

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Haneefah Adam is a medical scientist and lifestyle blogger behind but what we love most is her amazing take on food with her food art pieces. She recently shared these food art photos as submission for the #TechMeetsArtNG competition, sponsored by Samsung Mobile Nigeria and Rele Gallery. Her work is visually appealing yet relatable, inspired by popular bits of Nigeria and our culture.

See the Photos

muslimahanie food art bellanaija may2016_image-19

Inspired by the true African beauty, Haneefah has used all the ingredients of the South East Nigerian delicacy called Ogbono Soup, to create a portrait of an African woman with vibrant colours.

muslimahanie food art bellanaija may2016_image-20

This next piece needs no introduction. Here she uses her art to celebrate a pioneer and a Nigerian icon, Fela Kuti.

muslimahanie food art bellanaija may2016_image-21

Inspired by our rich Nigerian culture which features and celebrates indigenous music and dance, the hibiscus plant (Zobo) is used in three ways, as a paint, as droplets in it’s liquid form and the dried purple Zobo leaf on it’s own. – Haneefah

muslimahanie food art bellanaija may2016_image-22

This last one got her recognised by British Nigerian Star Wars actor John Boyega. “The Jollof art was inspired by John Boyega’s tweets about fried plantain and Jollof. Since it was Star Wars Day, I decided to make something” Haneefah said, “It was really worth it as he prayed for me (on twitter) about my kitchen overflowing with Jollof and reposted it on his instagram as well! I’d love to frame it for him though.”

John’s tweet

john boyega muslimahanie food art bellanaija may2016_Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 13.09.53

See more of Haneefah’s work on her blog

Source & Credits: John Boyega | @jboyega,

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