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Haneefah Adam talks to CNN about Turning Food into Art

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Haneefah Adam

Haneefah Adam

Nigerian visual artist Haneefah Adam is known for her food inspired, eye-catching and creative artworks talks to CNN International about her work and her passion.

In the interview with CNN, Haneefah says  “I have always been artistic, growing up, my mother said I had a flair for art. I do regular portraits, I sew and paint, but what excites me the most is food”.

On her next steps, she says: “I want to partake in more exhibitions. I currently live in Kwara, northern Nigeria; it is difficult to make a mark in the country’s art scene from here.”

In 2016, she won the #TechMeetsArtNG exhibition, sponsored by Samsung Nigeria and Rele Gallery. The competition was a culinary exhibition aimed at exploring the artistic presentation of some of Nigeria’s local meals.

See some of her food art:

Haneefah Adam

Haneefah Adam

Haneefah Adam

Photo Credit: @muslimahanie

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