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BN Wedding Decor: Perfect Imperfection Styled Wedding Shoot by Anaiah Grace



Anaiah Grace Styled Wedding Shoot_01 -This ‘perfect imperfection’ photo shoot by UK-based event designer Tonbra of Anaiah Grace shows the best of two colour schemes – purple & silver and orange & green.

Here’s Tonbra’s inspiration for the shoot:

A modern ‘perfect’ photoshoot was what I planned initially – you know, the type that blends in, doesn’t raise any eyebrows, provides just enough ‘swoon’ factor to give everyone something ‘perfect’ to aspire towards. The goal was to achieve a beautiful tablescape in even more beautiful surroundings, without the threat of anything opposing. However, it all changed when I realised I had missed an integral substance to what makes an event truly memorable. You see, I have since realised that imperfection is not the enemy.

Like a bride who decides to wear a blue wedding dress to reflect her personality, imperfection if allowed in, can add character and personality which cannot easily be replicated. That said, I decided to take inspiration from my faith and celebrate the ultimate blend of ‘perfect imperfection’, Christ’s Love for man – transforming even the most imperfect heart. A perfect God working through love in an imperfect world, blending in, but not too much, just enough so there is room for tangible, undeniable positive transformation.

I believe one’s perception of being ‘perfectly imperfect’ or ‘imperfectly perfect’ boils down to ‘what their eyes choose to see’. I will share with you my perception of the images from the photoshoot, however, I would like for you to not be limited by my views; do share yours too.

~ Photography: Nek Vardikos

New and Broken – Purple & Silver

A new luxurious tablescape against an old rustic backdrop. The two unattached wheels resting against the back wall – symbolic of brokenness, in that both wheels have been detached from something originally whole. I see inconsistency in the combination of brick and wood in the back wall. Anaiah Grace Styled Wedding Shoot_08 Anaiah Grace Styled Wedding Shoot_03 Anaiah Grace Styled Wedding Shoot_15 Anaiah Grace Styled Wedding Shoot_12 Anaiah Grace Styled Wedding Shoot_11The roughness in the wall texture so aptly represents human’s intrinsically flawed nature and portrays the makeup of different experiences which shape and make us partly inconsistent. I see a plain concrete floor, proudly embracing the absence of any requirement to cover up. Preference given to the natural state of ‘being as we are’. I see opulence and royalty in the choice of colours for the flowers, as well as in the luxurious tablescape. Finally, in the floral table runner, I see a bridge linking the ‘new’ with the ‘broken’.Anaiah Grace Styled Wedding Shoot_13

My interpretation of the setting as a whole is this, however broken and inconsistent we are, our acceptance and decision to ‘link in’ just as we are, makes us a worthy part of an imperfectly perfect tapestry.Anaiah Grace Styled Wedding Shoot_02B - Unwatermarked - Elance Edit 4

Exclusively Inclusive – Orange and Green
Here I see an immaculate table setting within a messy barn. The table denoting purity, contradiction and non-conformance. I see a fearless desire to stand out irrespective of contrary circumstances. A refusal to compromise, despite being a minority.Anaiah Grace Styled Wedding Shoot_18 I see the working of transformation. The ability to impact an environment by doing nothing other than just being there. I see a decision to stay true to personal convictions however lone a voice it seems. I see a unique expression of individuality in the choice of block colours for the tall centrepiece, however in looking closer, it speaks to me of inclusion irrespective of differences.Anaiah Grace Styled Wedding Shoot_19 Anaiah Grace Styled Wedding Shoot_26 Anaiah Grace Styled Wedding Shoot_27At Anaiah Grace we believe everyone has a story which should be told and as ‘event story tellers’ we simply love being given the opportunity to weave personal stories and experiences into every event we create. We believe this is what makes the difference between a good and a memorable event.Anaiah Grace Styled Wedding Shoot_24


Creative Director, Styling and Florals: Anaiah Grace |
Photography: Nek Vardikos |
Stationery: Gifted Studio |


  1. "changing moniker"

    July 17, 2016 at 3:09 am

    Wow! !!!
    I love the photo shoot…
    The orange and green had me. …

  2. Wanderlust _Trekeffect?

    July 17, 2016 at 11:13 am

    Those chairs in the Orange and green section are a death trap, balanced on narrow planks with god knows what beneath. Nice decor though

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