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“Cool kids see life through DapMod shades” – See the DapMod Summer ’16 Campaign Video & Lookbook

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dapmod bellanaija Untitled72016_

Popular Nigerian owned sunglasses brand DapMod Eyewear brings you their brand new campaign video featuring styles from their Summer ’16 collection. They’ve also released a ‘cool for the summer’ lookbook that’ll have you in full #FOMO mode. Here’s what the brand told BN Style;

Whatever your style is, DapMod’s Summer ’16 collection offers you the perfect eyewear to make the most of your time in the sun. From cool trendy aviators to round glasses, mirrored lens to clear lens. Cool kids see life through DapMod shades. It’s not just fashion, it’s a lifestyle. Don’t be left out this summer, let your shades do the talking.

Live the #dapmodlife.

See the Campaign Video

See the Photos

dapmod bellanaija DSC_0389-272016_ dapmod bellanaija DSC_0032-272016_ dapmod bellanaija DSC_001372016_ dapmod bellanaija DSC_0450-272016_ dapmod bellanaija DSC_004272016_ dapmod bellanaija DSC_004472016_ dapmod bellanaija DSC_012672016_ dapmod bellanaija DSC_014972016_ dapmod bellanaija DSC_018272016_ dapmod bellanaija DSC_020772016_ dapmod bellanaija DSC_027972016_ dapmod bellanaija DSC_050172016_ dapmod bellanaija DSC_079072016_ dapmod bellanaija DSC_081872016_ dapmod bellanaija DSC_087272016_ dapmod bellanaija DSC_092072016_

Their Summer ’16 styles are now available to purchase at the DapMod Store in Lekki, Lagos and other retailers in Lagos.

For more information
Instagram: @dapmod
Snapchat: @dapmod
Twitter: @dapmod


  1. Djoy

    July 29, 2016 at 7:43 pm

    Y is it available in Lagos only? So pple frm other states can’t buy from any retail outlet without going through the stress of ordering online? It’s SMH. Brands in Nigeria need to stop this

  2. Ada

    July 30, 2016 at 2:20 am

    Why must you use only white models, + why dont u you shoot in nigeria, glasses be fine but i aint buying. Use a black girl like me

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