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Let’s Fall in Love! BellaNaija Weddings presents 20 Must-Have White Wedding Photos | Part 2

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Princess Toolz! (Makeup & Photo Credit: Bimpe Onakoya)

Princess Toolz! (Makeup & Photo Credit: Bimpe Onakoya)

For most, their wedding day is absolutely the best day of their lives – like nothing can top this!

And often, a common mistake as the hosts of the wedding, is allowing yourself to get caught up with the events of the day that you forget to snap all the memorable moments  of the day which could be captured for anniversaries, your family members, to show your kids or general recall.

Here is a fabulous list of 20 Top Nigerian favourite wedding shots that we all love to see – Make a statement and snap it!

This is Part 2 – Click here for Part 1! 🙂

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11. A Magazine Style Photo Shoot of the Bride and Groom

Be the QUEEN or KING of your day! The more beauty shots, the better. We often don’t realize how much we change over the months and years, so do not lose any of your glamorous shots, it captures you at one of your lifetime’s finest moments.

Coco (Makeup & Photo Credit: Banke Meshida-Lawal)

Coco (Makeup & Photo Credit: Banke Meshida-Lawal)

Tunde (Photo Credit: Wani Olatunde Photography)

Tunde (Photo Credit: Wani Olatunde Photography)

12. Priceless “I Do” Moment or First Kiss 

The “aww” moment of every wedding is the first official public lip-locking experience, an expression of love, passion and happiness with the words “I do” as a reaffirmation of the status of your relationship, dedication to commitment and pure love in it’s finest form.

Sandra and Super Eagles Football Player Onazi Ogenyi (Photo Credit: Jide Odukoya Photography)

Sandra and Super Eagles Football Player Onazi Ogenyi (Photo Credit: Jide Odukoya Photography)

13. The Cake

We’re going to spoil you and put the 3 yummy cake moments in one – a photo of the beautiful cake itself, cutting of the cake together and feeding each other.

Usually the statement center-piece of your wedding decor, a cake can also be metaphoric as it represents the couple’s union. The cake topper is usually the most popular way to customize it – you and your partner’s initials, a mini-couple, or for the cake itself, adding the logo to the fondant is a popular choice to make your cake more “you”.

Coco & Caleb's Cake by The Caketress (Photo Credit: B.lawz Photography)

Coco & Caleb’s Cake by The Caketress (Photo Credit: B.lawz Studios)

The cutting of the cake is a beautiful “all eyes on us” moment, but also makes a stunning photo that shows off the reception decor, including the cake.

"MM" - Mary and Marlon's Wedding Cake by Teal & Roses (Photo Credit: Maria Stanisky)

“MM” – Mary and Marlon’s Wedding Cake by Teal & Roses (Photo Credit: Maria Stanisky)

The final cake moment is the feeding of the cake to each other, as one of the first acts as man and wife. It’s a symbol of affection – and sometimes the bride or groom kneels while serving the other, as a sign of devotion, sealing it with a kiss after taking a bite.

Ope and Samuel (Photo Credit: TCD Weddings)

Ope and Samuel (Photo Credit: TCD Weddings)

14. The First Dance

The major aww moment between the bride and the groom that everyone dies for. The bride and groom can get to feel like it’s just the two of them in the room with their favourite song playing, while the decorator adds some flair for a stunning photo – like fireworks, lighting and fog for that WOW factor.

Tayo and Uche_Igbo and Yoruba Nigerian Wedding_BellaNaija Weddings 2016_IMG_3832-2mmbn

Tayo and Uche (Photo Credit: J-Gates Visuals)

15. The Bride and her Father

A lot changes after the “I do”, much more than what can be comprehended in the first few hours, a shot of daddy and his little girl is priceless. There are many opportunities for this at a white wedding with walking down the aisle, the father-daughter dance, traditional portraits and of course, random moments.

Ope and Samuel_Nigerian London Wedding_BellaNaija 2016_TCD_0404_

Ope & Her Father Pastor Dotun Reju (Photo Credit: TCD Weddings)

As a married woman, the dominant male in your life is now your husband and most memories will be spent with him by your side the rest of your life, so savor the undeniable emotional dance or photos with your pops when you can.

16. Groom and His Groomsmen

Men are usually not fussy, very simple! But to showcase the fine wine at your wedding and current bachelors, it’s a nice photo album addition. Also if you are a bride or groom with a lot of brothers it’s the easiest way to get all your favourite boys in one shot.

Lionel with His Boys (Photo Credit: Set Photography)

Lionel with His Boys (Photo Credit: Set Photography)

Bukky and Folabi_10-10 wedding_Fotos by Fola_BellaNaija 2016_White_bukky&Folabi_143

Bukky and Afolabi (Photo Credit: Fotos by Fola)

17. Candid Moments

The “I just could not help myself” moments happen in every wedding. Sometimes it’s a joke between the couple or big daddy busting a move we didn’t know he had, a bridesmaid’s craziness during the fight for the bouquet, adorable display of cuteness from the little bride and groom or a proposal, a surprise guest or gift, shedding a tear – the long list has no end, so do not shy away from just letting loose and enjoying your day, these moments can happen at any time.

Annabella & Gabriel (Photo Credit: Adebayo Deru Photography)

Annabella & Gabriel (Photo Credit: Adebayo Deru Photography)

18. The Rings

What’s the one thing from the wedding day you’ll you be wearing for the rest of your life? The ring!


Megan & Ekene (Photo Credit: Jide Odukoya Photography)

A shot of your wedding rings is symbolic to the event. Even though some couples renew their vows with new rings or make upgrades after a few years, the first rings will always have a special place in your hearts – now, as every girl hears when she gets engaged, let us see your #BNBLING (ring)!

19. The Grand Entrance

Most couples dance into their reception with their favourite song playing. But you can make your entrance a statement in so many ways. A choreographed dance, a dance battle, or forget the dance altogether and arrive in a car, or even a bubble!

Kike & Fisayo (Photo Credit: Libran Eye Photography) - we will feature this wedding next week, watch out ;)

Kike & Fisayo (Photo Credit: Libran Eye Photography) – we will feature this wedding next week, watch out 😉

20. The Send-Off

In the wise words of Jay-Z, “grand opening, grand closing”. We have to say “bye” in style, it would not be a wedding without a grand opening and exit – you just have to cherish it!

Plus, you know what this means … HONEYMOON LOADING! And possibly baby loading in 9 months 😉


Bami & Michael (Photo Credit: AkinTayoTimii)


Instead of wishing “I really should have had photos of …” make a priority list and share it with your wedding planner/coordinator before the big day.

Happy Snapping, and of course Happy Married Life! 🙂

Photo Credits: Bimpe Onakoya | Maria Stanisky | Jide Odukoya Photography | J-Gates Visuals | B.lawz Studios | Fotos by Fola | TCD Weddings | Set Photography | Wani Olatunde Photography | Adebayo Deru Photography | AkinTayoTimi | Libran Eye Photography


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    July 2, 2016 at 10:53 am

    So lovely. I already wrote it all down from part one to this. Lol. Pls how does ones wedding get to be featured on ur site ther a procedure?


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      Hiya Annabel, email weddings (at)

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