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Tolulope Ajiboye: Tired of the Cluttered Closet? Here Are Tips For Organising



dreamstime_xl_173510There are some days when it feels like you absolutely cannot find anything at all in your wardrobe. In annoyance, you probably end up pulling out everything in it and dumping them on your bed.
Hold up there, yes, don’t just throw everything back in there. Or you’ll be back here tomorrow. Why not take the time out to organise your wardrobe? With these simple steps, you will not only have better maintained clothes but an aesthetically pleasing closet too.

Getting Rid Of Your Old Clothes
It’s not easy tossing out old clothes, especially those that have some sentimental value. But it MUST be done. Donate clothes you haven’t worn in two years to charities. In fact you can add relatively new items of clothing that you just know you’ll never wear. Be firm with yourself don’t go all “I might need to wear this to my brother’s girlfriend’s family reunion at the beach someday”. You won’t. Toss it. The benefit of doing this, is that you will not only be creating loads of space in your wardrobe, you’ll also be giving out to those who need it more.

Start Organising
Clothes can be divided into 4 major categories. Tops, Jeans, Pants/Skirts/Shorts and Dresses. Although, I recommend having a separate pile for clothes you wear around the house or hostel all the time.

Tops: Most people tend to have more of these than other items of clothing. This is going to be the most time consuming pile. Organize and fold your tops by colour to make it easier to search for items. Iron and hang proper button down shirts if you have hanging space.

Jeans: Fold your jeans by colour. From black to the lightest shades. Or alternatively, hang them.

Pants/Skirts/Shorts: Fold or hang your skirts,pants and shorts together or separately if you have a lot of space available.

Dresses: Dresses should be hung by colour or by length.

Other random items of clothes such as blazers should be hung up so as to avoid them losing shape.

Be sure not to stack so high that it tumbles.

Store clothes that you only use seasonally (for example work appropriate clothes for holiday internships) or those with sentimental value in a suitcase.

Make sure to clean the inside of your wardrobe before you start folding the clothes back in.

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