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#CatwalkinICM was a Huge Success! Check out all the Amazing Photos from the 4th Edition of the Ikeja City Mall Fashion Show



The 4th edition of Ikeja City Mall Fashion Show themed ‘Catwalk in ICM’ presented to fashion enthusiasts and ICM shoppers the latest collections from its tenants trading in fashion pieces and accessories.


It was indeed an evening of style and allure as guests and shoppers trooped into the marquee tent at the parking lot in the mall in their exquisite attires.

But don’t take our word for it; see the collections from different exhibiting brands that showcased that evening. From the backstage, red carpet and models on the runway even down to style slayer, Seyi Shay‘s appearance!

“On behalf of the Center Management, I would like to thank everyone that ensured this year’s edition was a huge success. All collections you saw on the runway are available in stores in ICM”, says Eniola Ositelu, the Marketing consultant to ICM.

Exhibitors this year included Pandora, Mango, TM Lewin, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, Ruff “n” Tumble, Da Viva, Grey Velvet, Hawes & Curtis, Enzzo, Maybrands, Redtag, Casabella, Audacious and Kola Kuddus as guest exhibitor.


Bruno’s Place provided grooming for the models, Casabella provided wigs while Rhapsody’s and Shoprite ensured our guests had food to nimble on.

Check out all the photos from the event:

Preppin’ for the Show…

M.A.C. make-up artists getting warmed up.

M.A.C. make-up artists getting warmed up.


Essenza ensured guests left the show with Clarins products.

Essenza ensured guests left the show with Clarins products.

After a hard day's job...

After a hard day’s job…

The M.A.C. crew

The M.A.C. crew

The Lovely Guests…

Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-009 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-010 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-014 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-017

Vien “007” was the host of the day

Vien “007” was the host of the day

Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-011 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-012 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-013 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-016 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-018

Centre Manager Ikeja City Mall; Sonja Denecker

Centre Manager Ikeja City Mall; Sonja Denecker

Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-021 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-020

Vendors on the Walk

Kola Kuddus

Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-024 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-025 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-022


Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-026 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-027


Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-029 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-028 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-030

Ruff “n” Tumble

Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-032 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-033 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-038 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-039


Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-046 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-044 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-043


Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-049 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-051 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-052

Tommy Hilfiger…

Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-054 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-055 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-057 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-056

Da Viva

Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-060 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-062 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-063

BLU by Frankie & Co.

Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-064 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-065 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-066


Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-081 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-082

Hawes & Curtis

Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-084 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-085

T.M Lewin


Seyi Shay’s Amazing Performance

Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-077 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-079

More Fab Guests…

Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-074 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-075 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-080Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-068 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-072 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-070 Catwalk-in-ICM-Auust-2016-bellaNaija-071

For more pictures on the Catwalk in ICM , visit

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  1. KikicanAsk

    August 10, 2016 at 1:27 pm

    What does it take to manage Ikeja City Mall that we now have a foreigner managing it. The little jobs we have is still being given out. So no expertise in this country for that role???

  2. Great Lady

    August 10, 2016 at 2:37 pm

    Lovely event. I miss ICM sha, was there when it all started. This was where I use to spend my salary, lol.

    • Tosin

      August 10, 2016 at 3:22 pm


  3. Mfon

    August 10, 2016 at 4:43 pm

    U can drop by Tommy Hilfiger, on 70 %sale in selected items

  4. MsChar

    August 13, 2016 at 8:38 am

    Editor, “food to nimble on”? How exactly does one “nimble” on food.

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