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‘A Curious Case with Martell Cognac’ Airs on 96.9 Cool FM with Do2tun, Sesan Adeniji and Ayo Rotimi! Tune in Tonight



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Martell, the oldest of the great cognac houses, has debuted its first radio show called ‘A Curious Case with Martell Cognac’ which seeks to lead and decipher the conversations around entertainment in Nigeria.

The 45-min show, hosted by ‘The Martell Cartel’, made up of Do2tun, celebrated Cool FM OAP, Voice over Artist and Super Hypeman Extraordinaire. Ayo Rotimi, a well-respected A&R, Entertainment Consultant, Communication enthusiast and a Digital Media Junkie and Sesan Adeniji, one of the most respected entertainment journalists in Nigeria. He is the Publisher of the popular Mystreetz Magazine, and the executive producer of Mystreetz TV – a music documentary channel. Never has a radio show been more focused on putting together industry thought leaders and opinion makers in a bid to discover what lies behind the scenes, what’s real and what’s hyped, in what’s billed to be a great show!

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‘A Curious Case with Martell Cognac’, captures the surprising and real conversations that happen when you put together a bunch of industry heavy weights in one room. The high energy/ upbeat show gives you the low-down on all local and international entertainment topics and sheds lights on all the topsy-turvy on social media. The show also provides unlimited access to the Martell Party Train, with ready to serve entertainment industry sauce!

The first three episodes have not only been entertaining but also thought provoking. The first episode ‘What’s the big deal?’ took a look into the rise of Nigerian/ African artistes signing international deals, the advantages, disadvantages and the often misleading information and interpretations on all the deals. The second episode titled ‘Where Is the Money?’ had the hosts diagnose investment in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Curious questions like; ‘Are artistes reinvesting back into the industry that feeds them? Are investors recouping their investments?’ were insightfully addressed by the Cartel. On the show last week, the trending curious topic was ‘Artist Damagers or Managers?’ The roles of managers, the commitments from the artists, bridging the gap between knowledge and emotional attachment in the course of managing the career of an artist, were analysed by the Cartel.


If you missed the first three shows, make sure you tune in this Friday as we curiously ask – ‘Who is the thief?’ A look into the issue of copyright infringement in the Nigerian Music industry and piracy that is crippling the entertainment industry, as we shed some light on the ones whose who are really hit as a result! Who is stealing songs and from who? How come artists who have violated the copyright of others, also complain about piracy? So, if you are an artiste and you are sampling international music, making money off what you don’t own without clearance and proper credit, well… it’s time to tune in and find out the difference between ignorance and knowledge.

Come on board and have your say daily by joining the explosive conversation on twitter using #Martell #BeCurious

Catch a Curious Case with Martel, every Friday at 8:30pm- 9:15pm on Cool FM!

Date: Friday, October 21st, 2016
Time: 8:30pm- 9:15pm
Catch ‘A Curious Case with Martel’ on Cool FM

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