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Glitz Africa Fashion Week 2016: Tokyo James



tokyo james_GLITZ-AFRICA-FASHION-WEEK-2016-54_bellanaija

The 2016 Glitz Africa Fashion Week took place in Accra, Ghana over the weekend.

The fashion event kicked off on Friday 7th October 2016 and wrapped up yesterday Sunday 9th October 2016.

BN Style will present some of the best collections displayed at the event.

Here is Nigerian design label Tokyo James

tokyo james_GLITZ-AFRICA-FASHION-WEEK-2016-2-31_bellanaija tokyo james_GLITZ-AFRICA-FASHION-WEEK-2016-3-31_bellanaija tokyo james_GLITZ-AFRICA-FASHION-WEEK-2016-4-31_bellanaija tokyo james_GLITZ-AFRICA-FASHION-WEEK-2016-5-31_bellanaija tokyo james_GLITZ-AFRICA-FASHION-WEEK-2016-6-31_bellanaija tokyo james_GLITZ-AFRICA-FASHION-WEEK-2016-7-31_bellanaija tokyo james_GLITZ-AFRICA-FASHION-WEEK-2016-8-31_bellanaija tokyo james_GLITZ-AFRICA-FASHION-WEEK-2016-9-30_bellanaija tokyo james_GLITZ-AFRICA-FASHION-WEEK-2016-10-30_bellanaija tokyo james_GLITZ-AFRICA-FASHION-WEEK-2016-11-27_bellanaija tokyo james_GLITZ-AFRICA-FASHION-WEEK-2016-12-27_bellanaija tokyo james_GLITZ-AFRICA-FASHION-WEEK-2016-13-26_bellanaija tokyo james_GLITZ-AFRICA-FASHION-WEEK-2016-14-24_bellanaija tokyo james_GLITZ-AFRICA-FASHION-WEEK-2016-16-21_bellanaija tokyo james_GLITZ-AFRICA-FASHION-WEEK-2016-17-20_bellanaija tokyo james_GLITZ-AFRICA-FASHION-WEEK-2016-18-18_bellanaija tokyo james_GLITZ-AFRICA-FASHION-WEEK-2016-19-15_bellanaija tokyo james_GLITZ-AFRICA-FASHION-WEEK-2016-20-13_bellanaija

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  1. kolowerk

    October 11, 2016 at 6:27 pm

    pls is this fashion or some sought of bsdm soft porn bullshit

    • Linda Mwami

      October 12, 2016 at 9:24 am

      soft porn/ homo-erotic/ slave chic….

  2. big j

    October 14, 2016 at 8:35 pm

    Are these models from this world? Eeeeeeeew

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