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Anambra government is edging towards digitizing the entire state – Willie Obiano

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The government of Anambra has just taken a huge step towards digitizing the state when it announced the completion of the aerial mapping of the state by the state governor, Willie Obiano. The 2, 450 square-kilometre multi-spectral aerial photography of the entire state was handed down to the state governor during the presentation ceremony at the Executive Chamber of the Government House, Akwa. This will help to give accurate area mapping, encourage land management, provide digitized security as well as ensure proper infrastructural planning and design of the state.

Expressing his delight, the Governor said that it will be a document to successive administrations and a propelling tool for development in Anambra state; especially in the area of infrastructure, security and agriculture.

“It is a great tool that you cannot quantify the value, so we are immensely grateful for this great job. This is the nucleus for the development of Anambra state as a whole and it is a tool every administration in Anambra state will find very useful.” governor Obiano said.

“I am happy that under my administration we are able to achieve this and we have set the pace, first, for the development of Awka, the capital territory and, then of course, the development of Anambra state as a whole.”

While the feat is commendable, it would seem more of a conscious and collective state effort towards ensuring that Nigeria meets the digital (television) migration deadline.

Having failed twice in 2012 and 2015 to migrate from analogue to digital transmission, Nigeria is primed towards meeting the new June 20, 2017 deadline. In bringing this to fruition, each state on their part is expected to play a crucial role.

So far, only Jos and Abuja has transited from analogue to digital transmission and hopefully other states in the federation would join in on time.