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#BeInspired Mondays: Get Out

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No, not out of this website. I mean out to work.

Getting out may be literal or figurative, but nothing happens without work. Nothing works unless you work it.

Things do not just happen; every effect is predicated on a cause and every output is as a result of an input.

Whatever idea you have, don’t let it stop in the planning phase, take it to the execution phase.

Ideas are so abundant, that planning alone is equal to doing nothing with them. Execute!

Saying it doesn’t cut it, analysing or researching about it is never enough. Praying about it or picking other people’s brain about it cannot make it happen.

The fact that ideas are a cheap to come by also means many of them may not see the light of day, at least maybe not at that particular point in time. But that doesn’t take away the fact that ideas, as cheap as they are, have revolutionised the world. Not because they came to the host’s mind, but because the host executed them.

If an idea cannot be worked on at a time, it is meant to be saved. The time may not just be right for it, or there is another component for it.

Let me borrow these words from Leke Alder, the Founder of Alder Consulting, a Creative Intelligence company based in Lagos, Nigeria:

Ideas need a worthy host.

An idea has to have a host, but not just a host, a worthy host – someone to incubate it, nurture it, carry it… When an idea introduces herself to you and you ignore it or don’t act on it, she leaves to find another host. An idea will always look for a worthy host – someone who will value and appreciates her. When an idea finds a worthy host it confers worth on the host and makes the host wealthy.

Ideas take over the life of the host.

Ideas require commitment. And ideas measure commitment. First, an idea will watch whether you are willing to commit, and the degree to which you’re willing to commit. The bigger your commitment, the higher the return. You will find that all successful enterprises are run by people who are totally committed to what they do. If you want an idea to give you her all, you must give her your all.
Whatsoever your hand finds to do, you must do with all your might!

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