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BellaNaija Style presents the #AMVCA2017 Designer Spotlight: Toju Foyeh



BellaNaija Style presents the #AMVCA2017 designer spotlight.

This series is our own way of counting down to one of the hottest red carpet events in Africa and appreciating our talented designers that keep giving us stylish looks year after year. Yes we love the award show, winners and performances but you can’t deny the fact that “who wore what” on the red carpet is really what we love to see!

Today’s spotlight is on womenswear designer Toju Foyeh.

One of Nigeria’s biggest celebrity designers on the fashion scene Toju Foyeh has become a favourite. Her collections are bold, elegant and most of all beautiful. They offer a classic yet trendy feel to wardrobe choices and it is no surprise that guests and celebrities flock the red carpet in Toju Foyeh.

Some of our favourite AMVCA looks have been from the staples of the Toju Foyeh brand; and in anticipation of the upcoming award show this year, she shared her thoughts with BN Style with hints on what to expect this year.

One of your pieces (on Osas Ighodaro-Ajibade) was the most talked about from last year’s AMVCA red carpet. How did that make you feel?

Ecstatic! Even though I felt confident about my design and colour choice, there is always a tiny bit of nervousness not knowing how people would react/respond to your hard work. So it was a great feeling for it to be appreciated.

What should we be expecting from Toju Foyeh’s pieces on the Red Carpet this year?

Bold statement pieces! I’m determined to stay away from the norm and keep challenging my creativity.

Do you have a different design process for red carpet looks, than you do for other pieces?

Yes, definitely! With red carpets I always imagine all the lights and cameras flashing, I imagine captivating the audience at first glance. I also focus on making the pieces memorable for everyone.

Where do you draw inspiration? 

I draw inspiration from various places. First of all, the person wearing the dress. As much as I would want to push the envelope it is important that the person wearing the dress is able to pull it off effortlessly, so I work with her style/comfort zone and infuse my aesthetic. I also draw inspiration from latest trends but always make sure I add my own twist to it.

How do you infuse ‘Nigeria’ into your designs?

Not sure I can say “infuse Nigeria to it”, but I hope that through my creativity and hard work, I’m representing the country as a fashion hub.

What has been your fave Toju Foyeh look on the AMVCA Red Carpet?

For now, Osas Ajibade! She totally killed it and made me feel proud.


Thanks for sharing, Toju!

We are eagerly anticipating Toju Foyeh’s pieces for this year’s AMVCA red carpet.

Photo Credit: Toju Foyeh

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  1. angelic

    March 2, 2017 at 11:21 am

    Toju Foyeh looks so much like Iyabo Ojo here.

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