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#ScentMovesUs! Never Underestimate the Power of Scent – Air Wick provides that Exquisite Scent That’s Impossible to Forget



As she returns home and opens the door of her house, she was greeted by one of the most wonderful scents. She knows that something is amiss but can’t figure out what yet….somehow her memory reminds her of a similar scent perceived exactly one year earlier. One that happened on her wedding anniversary. She pretends to shrug off the feeling and decides to move closer. The closer she moves, the more she can see signs that confirm her instinct. Candle lights lit along the entire hallway down to the living room. “I think I’m getting it now,” she says, but decides to probe further. And suddenly, as she looks into the living room, she is greeted by the  sight of that special one waiting for her and the sound of that soothing voice that echoes the words, “Happy anniversary”. At this point she comes to realize that the scent couldn’t have been wrong…..It’s their wedding anniversary once more!

There are many reasons we should never underestimate the power of scent. Scent is powerful and reminiscent, binding specific smells to memories, both good and bad. It can remind us of wonderful events in our lives, warn us of any potential dangers around us and help change our mind-set to a more positive outlook even at the lowest ebb of our lives.

Good scent definitely evokes good memories which lasts a long time. Scent moves us to memorable actions. Scent evokes strong emotions that bring happiness. Therefore, always seek for that fresh scent, that good scent, that memorable scent that evokes the best actions and lasting memory. Seek Air Wick freshness.

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  1. Adahor Wilfred

    March 15, 2017 at 5:35 pm

    i love this scent,airwick is cool, sell beauty product on Online market that talks on

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