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André Sparkling Wine Shows that there is More than One Way to Enjoy a Glass of Bubbly



Cocktail lovers, this is your week! André sparkling wine has decided to own the cocktail week by launching 6 signature cocktails, demonstrating that there is more than one way to enjoy a glass of bubbly. The brand teamed up with the famous Jumoke Michael-Ojo of Mandies cocktails to develop these. They also shot ‘how to’ videos which give simple step by step guidelines to make this in the comfort of your homes. Are you adventurous and love fruits? Then these cocktails are definitely for you. ‘Lere Spice’ is delicious and features orange, pineapple and Strawberries. ‘Minty Side Chic’ has mangoes yum… who doesn’t love mangoes?? The videos will be posted through out the week on André sparkling wine’s Facebook page. Click here to have some fun!!☺

The MANDRÉ signature cocktails were launched at the just concluded GTBank Food and Drink Fair which was held on the 30th of April & 1st of May and consumers couldn’t get enough of ‘LERE SPICE’. This is not very surprising as Mandies cocktails hosted a pre-tasting with brand representatives and some friends to ensure the cocktails were spot on and everyone absolutely loved ‘LERE SPICE’. Maybe you can tell us why after you try the recipe:

See photos from the tasting at GTBank Food and Drinks fair below:

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  1. Sandy

    May 6, 2017 at 3:05 pm

    Looks at tried the Lere spice at the GTbank food and drink fair and it was lovely. Waiting for the videos

  2. Grace Lulu Minae

    November 16, 2019 at 10:17 pm

    Hallo André wines, I’ve been searching for cold duck for a long time! I reside in Kenya. Do you have a distributor there? Am interested in stocking. What are your prices please?

    Regards, Grace Lulu

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