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Digital Marketing Skills: What Does Future of Marketing Jobs Look Like?



Acquiring digital marketing skills in order to catch up with the emerging trends in marketing, sales, corporate communications and beyond is a global phenomenon. It did not start last year, neither is it isolated to the Nigerian labour market.

We all know digital channels have come to transform the way services are delivered, same way they have altered how products are being sold, even the way worship services take place in and outside churches.

But how many businesses or individuals are ready to pay the price required to get ahead by learning to take advantage of how digital marketing channels have impacted the way their business is being done?


The image above is an infographic by Jobberman, which shows what percentage of Nigerian workers earn what salary range.

Many Nigerians work on a job for so many years receiving little or no raise at all. Some get some raise in income but it does not commensurate with their input on the job.

I do not blame employers since they are in to make maximum profit. It is on employees to evolve and get ahead of their jobs in terms of self-development and delivery.

The hard thing about this hard thing is that most of us still strive to cope with the challenges brought upon us by the new war with our old, tired weapons. The new war is digital revolution in our various workplaces. Our old, tired weapons are what universities and polytechnics taught us.

The new roles that require or revolve round digital marketing skills which you can train yourself to take up.

Data Analytics

Smart employees with good knowledge of web analytics, Google Analytics or measuring success of business activities with data will always be needed. With data analytics in your digital marketing skills arsenal, you can help businesses map returns on investment (ROI) with KPI.

Content Production & Strategy

Data states that Facebook users share 2.5million pieces of content daily. What about Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, forums, WhatsApp groups? It is easy for businesses to get lost quickly amidst this information overload. Much as you need unique, engaging content, you will need strategy to deliver your business objectives via content you produce. Here comes the need for digital marketing skills on marketing teams that are prepared to stay relevant for as long as digital revolution lasts.

Social Media Marketing

When a business realizes it is time to seek advocacy from their customers, social media is the best place to head towards. Referral from existing customers works better than overly expensive ads we have seen.

Mobile Marketing

Almost every Nigerian bank has a mobile banking app today. Why? USSD codes are used to recharge phones, transfer funds, pay bills. Have you asked yourself why? You are in a shopping mall, and you get notification of coupon or certain discount within the store, have you ever wondered how it happened?

Email Marketing

This is the oldest warhorse. Email has been with us like forever. It is not going out of use anytime soon. If you know how to plan, implement and optimize effective email marketing campaigns, every business needs you.

These, among other emerging job roles require good digital marketing skills and they will stay relevant for as long as digital channels keep impacting on businesses and jobs.

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    February 1, 2018 at 12:09 pm

    so inspiring and worth paying for…………carefully draft

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