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Are you always running out of cash to spend? Do you always have to budget for the things of life that you enjoy but can’t always afford? Can’t keep up with your expenses and need a way to get back the money you spend? You may not know it yet, but your smartphone may hold the key to solving your financial woes and earning juicy rewards on all your expenses!

Many people today live paycheck to paycheck, which means they’re always looking for ways to save money and fatten their wallets. When you slow down and think beyond your immediate circumstances, you will often find that there are many unique ways to get some extra cash, including earning as you spend using your smartphone.

With the NOWNOW app installed on your phone, you get a better chance of increasing your pocket worth even as you dig into it to spend. NOWNOW is the mobile app that lets you pay bills quickly, top up your data or airtime instantly, send and receive money easily and gives you rewards everytime you spend using the app.

NOWNOW offers you more rewards than any other to give you more value for what you spend. All you need is your smartphone with the mobile app NOWNOW installed on it and your funded NOWNOW wallet and you can fatten your real wallet with your NOWNOW wallet!

Here’s how;

  • Buy Airtime and Get 5% Cashback


With your funded NOWNOW wallet, easily top-up airtime on your mobile phone and just as you receive the recharge notification you get another notification for a cashback of 5% on the value of your recharge directly to your NOWNOW wallet.

  • Send or receive money and get Discount Coupons

Make transfers to your beneficiary accounts or other NOWNOW wallets and receive discount coupons to help you save on your most enjoyed products and services. The higher the value of your spend, the jucier the discounts.

  • Pay your bills and get Discount Coupons

Paying for your utilities and other bills with NOWNOW also attracts rewards of juicy Discount Coupons guaranteed redeemable from the merchants.

With NOWNOW, you get to save more and earn on your usual expenses, and cash out your earnings with NOWNOW agents everywhere!

Simply download the NOWNOW app today and enjoy a bounty of exclusive offers, save money and fatten your real wallet!

Download the app now right HERE or visit to find out more products, services and offers.

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