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Ecommerce is Becoming More Social and Jumia Market Is Taking The Lead




Remember when you had that party, Owambe or a casual hangout to attend but you couldn’t seem to find fashion pieces that expressed exactly how you felt at that moment, so you had to stick to the same boring range of available clothing that didn’t make you stand out or be different?

If this was you at the last occasion you had to attend, then we’ve found the perfect solution for you! A community of local designers and creative enthusiasts that inspire one another with a wide range of hand-made, uniquely crafted pieces in fashion, accessories, home decor, jewelry, art etc. The platform? – Jumia Market! with its new peer-to-peer focus is shaping the future of online marketplaces by making shopping a more social experience.


Interestingly, local designers can now create their shop profiles, share photos of their creative pieces to their store page (news feed) and users can create conversations around their shop by following, liking and sharing photos of their favourite pieces via the Jumia Market app.

Jumia Market relaunched this platform a few weeks ago in 4 countries including Nigeria, which held at Winehouse Lounge in Ikoyi, Lagos where the MD Jumia Market Africa- Sefik Bagdadioglu, expatiated on how the community is fast becoming a top online destination for the creative community in Africa. A taste of this was seen when Jumia Market showcased stylish, affordable and truly unique creations from 6 local designers already in the community. Even celebrities were not left out of this new fun shopping community as Ruggedman and Sasha P had already opened their stores where they have their fashion pieces on display.


Adetayo Olabajo, who is leading Jumia Market Nigeria, explained that it’s an exciting period for Jumia Market, as we focus on growing and engaging the online local creative community where people can buy and sell safely.

To find local designers that inspire you, join the ever-growing community at or download the app on Android here & on IOS here

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