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Fashion Brand Nola Black presents ‘Take 2’ its Debut Summer Collection



Nola Black’s Take 2 summer collection is a visual exploration of women’s functions through confined movement and manipulation. The brand aims to represent departure and resurface the contents of the journey.

With a serene and minimal look, the brand is trying to express the journey of a Nola Black woman. This lookbook brings into play the strength of paradoxical stances, black and white, contemporary and classic, strength and grace; stripes and floral.

Nola Black is for the modern women.

Check out the collection

Photography: @jerrie_rotimi
Model: @candyraphel
Makeup: @leylarhcadne
Creative Direction: @arin_nolablack @ellecadne
Team members: @ifedayo_ @adun_qs @bensonibeabuchi

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  1. Sul

    July 5, 2017 at 10:44 pm

    Some nice pieces here, bt i just wish dey wudnt put so much fluff when introducing a collection, a good collection will speak for itself, n will often tell its own story and as it is, pple interpret things like fashion differently, so u let dem make of it wat dey may.

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