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The One Stop Store for all your Hair & Fashion Needs! Don’t miss the Official Launch of JBronze Boutique | Sunday, July 30th



Jbronze Boutique

Looking for an affordable hair or female clothing? think Jbronze Boutique, we encourage you to look beautiful with your hair and look and slay often as you please.

We are still on the matter! The Official Launch of JBronze Human Hair and lashes. #wigparty baby Save up ladies!!! Time to switch up your hair and lash game. It’s happening live in Abuja. On the 30th July 2017 at Sandralia Hotel, Abuja Host: Romeo without Juliet ? @romeo_wj @georgeokoro @officialtboss_ It’s going to be so much fun with lots of hair sales, discounts and giveaways. There’ll be so much hair to choose from… And it’s Jbronze hair, the best hair in the game. RedCarpet starts 12noon. Think hair, Think Jbronze. #lash #lashes #lashextensions #hairstyles #hair #wig #hairvendor #hairgame #slayage #abuja #wiglife #wigparty #straight #Nigeria #abujabusinesses #wiglovers #sales #abujahairseller #womeninbusiness #abujasales #hairsaled #wigs #curlygirls #curlyhair #curlyhair #abujahairseller #wedeliver #lustrelocks #hairvideos

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Jbronze Boutique will officially open its doors on Sunday, July 30th, 2017. It will be opened to meet the demand for unique, high-quality hair clothing and accessories for women. It is a high-class boutique, offering services such as, Hair shopping, personal shopping and complete wardrobe change. At JBRONZE our goal is to “transform your LOOK!”

Jbronze Boutique

Because women are becoming more concerned with the “image” they present to the world, the unique feature that JBRONZE apart from its contenders is our Evolution concept which is our core value. It’s all about slaying every day with your appearance!

Date: Sunday, July 30th, 2017
Time: 12noon prompt
Venue: Sandralia Hotel, 111 Eritu Ukiwe Street, Jabi Abuja, Nigeria

JBronze Boutique

Jbronze Boutique makes you bold and confident to wear any hair style, wig and use our other products that  reveal your real personalities. We believe you also don’t have to break a bank to conform to societies standards of beauty.

For more enquiries, call +23481337188888 or follow us on Instagram. Also, check out our website here.

Side attractions include Cocktails, Canapés, Networking  & lots of discount.

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  1. Hian

    July 18, 2017 at 11:06 am

    I went to your website just now and am surprised that you definitely have no intergrity.

    On top the fact hat you made your own photoshoot, you still didnt find your own photos to use, you had to steal from another brand …who are you deceiving in this time and age.

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