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You too can have a ‘Rich Uncle’ with Sterling Visa Credit Card



Sterling Visa credit cardImagine this.

You wake up on a Monday morning, dressed for work and the car won’t start. You somehow make it to the office. You check your email and they’re mostly bills. School fees, electricity, water etc. Where do you even start from? One couldn’t have wished for a worse start to the week.

So you try to get these bills fixed but it’s mid month, salary is still weeks away and they need to be sorted right away. They just can’t wait. But you know what’s worse? You don’t have a rich Uncle that lives in Banana Island who can solve your issues with just a phone call. So who do you really turn to?

Well, what if you didn’t need one. What if we told you those needs could be sorted like, right now ?

Introducing, Sterling Visa Credit Card – A Naira denominated card that’s here to solve those unprecedented needs, tailored just for you. All you really need is your salary account domiciled with Sterling Bank or open a fixed deposit account with Sterling Bank and you’re good to go. Like magic!

Sterling Visa credit card

You know what the icing on the cake is?

You have a 45-day Interest free period with very flexible repayment options and access to luxury offers/discounts at select merchant locations. So much awesomeness in just one Card.

You too can have a Rich Uncle, with Sterling Bank. Open a new salary account or business account with Sterling Bank and you don’t have to wait until payday to meet your pressing needs.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for Sterling Visa Credit Card today.

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