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The Life of the Party! Ruby Gyang covers Exquisite Magazine’s Latest Issue



Exquisite Magazine‘s new issue is out with Ruby Gyang as their cover diva.

Ruby speaks exclusively to EM about her music career, her new single that’s making airplay rounds and more.

Read excerpts from her interview below:

On her most amazing that has happened in her career so far: For me, it’s coming to the realisation that my God given creativity is boundless and endless. That all the music and ideas I need for my career is within and I just need to trust in it.

On her embarrassing moment so far: I fell off the stage during a performance. In front of the press. It made it to YouTube.

On regrets: Not regrets per say. I wish I understood that understanding the business of music is just as important as developing my craft. Also trusting myself more.

On what inspires her: It isn’t one particular thing. It could be my experience, a movie, a song I heard, sometimes it’s just vibing in the studio with producers and writers.

On her style: I love what YSL said, “Fashions come and go but the style is eternal”. I’m not a fan of trends. I like pieces that stand the test of time, but If I see something in vogue that I like I’d rock it. My style is Modern Classic with a twist.

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