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BN Trend Alert: Nigerian Makeup Artists say “No” to the Squiggle Brows Trend

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On our BN Trend Alert radar, we recently spotted the Squiggle/Wavy Brows trend which a lot of makeup artists and beauty influencers have been indulging in.

Just when we had mastered how to get regular eye brows on fleek, with this creative new trend we may just have to learn how to draw our brows perfectly into wiggly lines.

Vlogger Promise Tamang was one of the first to try the look. She told PopSugar that she had been inspired after seeing a photo of somebody with photoshopped brows.

New Brow trend??? When you’re tired of being basic. Somebody dare me to go out like this ? @melovemealot vibezz

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Embracing the waves pt.3 This trend made me laugh so hard ?? #squigglybrows #wavybrows

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We posted a collage of people rocking the squiggle brows on BN Beauty Instagram, to get opinions on the trend.

A lot of people including makeup artists said no to this whimsical trend. Here were some of the comments:

@pipaosmakeuproom “The only wave I want to do is wave it goodbye”

@la_veeesmakeupstudio “We don’t want oh….this trend is disturbing oh….mbok!”

@clara.hutagalung “Nice for Halloween ?”

@makeup.byilona “No no no no stop it, please ??”

@ceo_ogahclan “Don’t like snakes, it reminds me of snakes, it’s creepy”

@belynqueen “Absolute rubbish”

@lilytom “This trend is disturbing”

@ayemsmarian “Me I don’t like it will never put that thing on my face it looks evil”

@wanakin_ “Please oh! I’m NOT here for this rubbish! Nahhhh”

@thtgirljulia “It’s one big joke and if you take it seriously I’m laughing @ you”

Other makeup artists and beauty bloggers took to their Instagram pages to share public announcements to their clients telling not to request for these brows.

Happy New Month Fam!! I stand with @iamdodos on this Repost from @iamdodos Shoutout to @beautyrevolutionstudio for clearing the air. “Hey dolls, this is a public service announcement we would really appreciate it if you guys refrain from jumping on this #squigglybrow trend. We have seen way more than we need to in our lifetime, there is no slay that could make it cute. We ? you guys and are here to make sure you don’t make any beauty faux pas. If you do create a squiggly brow look, please refrain from tagging us because it makes us nauseous #squigglybrow #nothankyou #itsajoke #fridayfunny ” ???? she said ” refrain from tagging us ” Oh and dear clients please don’t bring this request to my desk. Thanks @RepostIt_app

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BNers what are your thoughts on this trend?