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Joke Silva, Colette Otusheso & Lala Adindoju at the closing of The Accelerate Filmmaker Project featuring the screening & premiere of 5 short films at AFRIFF 2017



​Bolanle, Lawrence, amapsalmist, Priye Diri, Seyi Babatope, Lala Akindoju, Adenike, Joshua Olanrewaju, Mannie Oiseomaye​

The Accelerate Filmmaker Project which was brought to life in partnership with Access Bank and AFRIFF, launched in March of this year, came to a fabulous end at the 2017 Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF).

The closing of the Accelerate Filmmaker Project featured a screening and premiere of the five short films made by the five finalists of the competition in conjunction with AFRIFF on Friday, November 3rd, 2017 at the Genesis Cinemas in Lekki, Lagos State.

The five finalists got the chance to engage with veterans in the industry on their films, while one person was picked as the overall standout filmmaker by AFRIFF. This was Priye Diri, who made the short film, XOXO staring Ade Laoye. Priye will be going to France to continue her film making journey on an AFRIFF filmmaking scholarship.

​Adenike Adebayo (Left)​

The other finalists whose films made the premiere include Adenike Adebayo who produced TANWA; Mannie Oiseomaye, who made GOODWILL;  Micheal Akinrogunde, who produced PENANCE; and Joshua Olanrewaju, who made BLACK.

Among over 200 guests at the event were Nollywoods finest including Joke Silva, Mildred Okwo, Ade Laoye, Seyi Babatope, Ego Boyo, John Njamah, Lala Adindoju and AFRIFF founder Chioma Ude amongst others.

Project Manager of the Accelerate Filmmaker Project, Lala Akindoju who was also the compere at the event, brought out each film maker who talked about their learnings and experiences throughout the Accelerate Filmmaker Projects duration, and then allowed comments from the filmmakers mentors and guests about each film as they were shown.

Head, Accelerate TV, Colette Otusheso, who spoke about the success of the event, revealed that the Accelerate Filmmaker Project will hold its second season next year, and it will be much bigger and better. She appreciated everyone who partook in the project and thanked all the judges, mentors, facilitators, teachers, and the Afriff team, as well as members of the Accelerate team for their efforts in executing the project.

Speaking about the project, Nollywood producer, director and actor, John Njamah, said: “I am very proud of what Accelerate is doing; and cannot wait to be a part of subsequent projects. I am always happy to see young minds do great things, since I also started very young and it is really amazing.”

​Micheal Amapsalmist Akinrogunde (right)​

The Accelerate Filmmaker Project is a mechanism of Accelerate TV to give young people the chance to achieve their filmmaking dreams. Over 600 applications came in when the project kick started back in March 2017 with the call for short films centered around the theme ‘Love and Freedom’. From the entires, 30 candidates were longlisted, while 15 made the final cut and were engaged in a week long intense filmmaking training and mentorship programme under the tutelage of professionals in the Nigerian filmmaking industry, including Joke Silva, Seyi Babatope, O.C. Ukeje, Lala Akindoju, Bobo Omotayo, Lawrence Adejumo, Bibi Shasore, Niyi Akinmolayan, Judith Audu, Jennifer Alegieuno, Bose Oshin, Julian Nwagbuniwe, James Omokore and Tolu Ajayi.

​Bolanle Olosunde and Lala Akindoju​

Eventually, all fifteen pitched their film ideas to a panel of judges and five people were selected to make their short films with Accelerate TV. The Five people, now known as the “Accelerate Five” were in charge of the directing and the production of their short films with the Accelerate crew and their films premiered on the Accelerate Day at AFRIFF 2017.

Colette Otusheso, Bolanle Olosunde and Lala Akindoju​

The films will be aired in a series called ‘The Dark Series’ on the Accelerate TV platform and Youtube channel later this month.

Watch out for season two of the Accelerate Filmmaker Project next year, which will be brought to you again in partnership with Access Bank and Afriff, so stick with for all the information.

​Lala Akindoju

​Lala Akindoju and Joshua Olanrewaju​


Lala Akindoju and Mannie Oiseomaye​

​Lala Akindoju and Adenike

​Lala Akindoju and Micheal Amapsalmist Akinrogunde​

​Joke Silva​

Ego Boyo​

​Mildred Okwo​

​Lala Akindoju and Priye Diri​

​Chioma Ude (Far right)

Priye Diri and Ade Laoye​

Seyi Babatope​

​Tokyo James and Jite Ovueraye​

​Colette Otusheso and Bolanle Olosunde​

​Accelerate 5, Colette Otusheso and Bolanle Olosunde​

​Accelerate 5 and Mildred Okwo​

​Priye Diri and Micheal​

​Adenike and Toyin Alausa​

​Joshua Olanrewaju and Bolanle Olosunde

​Mannie Oiseomaye, Seyi Babatope and Oscar Okeke

​Joke Silva with Mannie Oiseomaye and Family​

​Accelerate Film Maker Project participants​

Accelerate Filmmaker Project

​Accelerate 5 and ade Laoye​

Accelerate Filmmaker Project

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  1. isaobi

    November 9, 2017 at 2:41 pm

    Bravo to Access Bank ,the sponsor. Kudos also to the new film makers especially Adenike Adebayo is also a film critic. Nice to be at the receiving end.

  2. Will Warri IQ

    November 9, 2017 at 11:53 pm

    That “Tanwa” Short Movie will be bam.. I just know it. Kudos +Sitive Vibes Only!

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