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Twitter Users share Ordeals with #NEPABill



#NEPABill: Twitter users share their experiences with Power Officials

Twitter users are currently trending #NEPABill, where they are narrating their experience with power authority officials.

Before prepaid meters were the days of post paid meters where your power usage bill is brought to your home by officials from NEPA/PHCN (We’ve refused to move on, so).

From outrageous bills, to bribery and cheating, Twitter users are sharing what happens when it’s time to pay your #NEPABill.

See some top tweets below:

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  1. Olu

    November 6, 2017 at 7:56 pm

    We got our prepaid meter exactly one month ago. Before then, our monthly bill ranges between N22,000 to ,N25,000. We have only used 300 units now. If I multiply by N25 (for tarrif rate) and also add VAT, that should amount to about N10,000.
    May God punish these PHCN officials for all the extras they’ve gotten from us.

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