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G-Worldwide releases Court Declaration in Case against Kiss Daniel



G-Worldwide Entertainment has made available to Pulse the court declaration in its case against singer Kiss Daniel.

It had been revealed on Tuesday that G-Worldwide had dragged Kiss Daniel to court for “taking steps to appoint a new manager, solicit for bookings, and has continued to negotiate and enter performance agreements in respect of the songs from the album “New Era“, and “Evolution” which is set to be released soon containing singles such as “Yeba“, “For You“, “Senorita“, “Sofa” and others, produced under the contract, including using the stage name ‘Kiss Daniel’ without the company’s prior consent and permission.”

In a statement signed by the artist’s lawyer T. Oluawaseye Lawal of L & A Legal Consultants, it was stated that the court refused to grant any injunction against Kiss Daniel restraining him from recording, performing or using the stage name “Kiss Daniel.”

The statement had also said the status quo as directed by the court was at the date G-Worldwide Entertainment filed its suit, which was after Kiss Daniel had left the label.

The court declaration, as pictured, ordered both parties to “maintain the status quo ante Bellum under the recording contract pending the hearing of the motion on Notice dated the 20/11/2017.”

While Kiss Daniel’s lawyers took this to mean the status quo before the hearing, G-Worldwide, in a statement released alongside the photos of the court declaration, has said it translates to the status quo dating back to the recording contract.

See the court declaration and statement below:

Photo Credit: Pulse


  1. Awesome

    December 7, 2017 at 6:35 am

    This is becoming interesting

  2. Yinmu

    December 7, 2017 at 10:30 am

    This Kiss Daniel case should be a learning point for all artistes (in fact all of us) with contractual dealings. My wife will say ” never get (too) desperate that you lose your sense of reasoning/negotiation”. These artistes enter those recording deal without understanding the fine prints and they start to paint the recording labels bad when the time to enforce the terms they sign crystallises.
    There is a particular SM influencer always twitting that Kiss Daniel is bigger than G-Worldwide and he should find a bigger platform without knowing the content of his contract with G-W. When he announced his FlyBoy Inc imprint, same person, with several others were urging the innocent boy along. Now that we know the record label has a water tight case against the novice, they’ve all gone silent. He’d better go back to the negotiating table because he is not only bound by the contract, the name “KISS DANIEL” also belongs to G-W till the contract expires.
    BN, Ovie (the legal lady) should kindly shed more light on this nature of contract in her next write up. These young ones needs to be properly schooled. Contract na contract. I may choose to be nice but once its a contract, there’s no “wickedness” in our agreement.

  3. LARA

    December 7, 2017 at 11:03 am

    Another day, another progress, another face, another problem, another way, is another kind debt. Another day, another day, Another label, another chain for 7 more years. kiss daniel and sugar boy God got you, he will see you through.

    • TheTruth

      December 8, 2017 at 12:04 am

      Kiss isn’t in any chain as he has been painting to people. If you leave in Abraham Adesanya, Ajah, you will probably know Kiss because of his flashy lifestyle. You need to see his flashy cars and house before you judge. I know this guy and his label very well and I can confidently tell you that he earns more than the label because he gets over 40% of revenues he generates. The remainder is what company uses to organise concerts, promote and produce songs, pay staffs, pay rent, pay office accommodation, interest on loans and other bills. At the end of the day, a label may almost be running on debt while artiste gets up all of a sudden and call it a quit even when he knows the situation and has profited the most…it is simple, simply buy out of the contract if you wish to have 100%. Kiss should tell people the truth that he has made more than 60M naira within the last one year. People are always bent to taking side with artiste but it is only in Nigeria that you see things like that because people are not well informed about issues and they don’t know what it takes to manage an investment…this doesn’t happen in the US or elsewhere, it is only in Nigeria where artiste think they are now bigger than you and suddenly want it all to themselves after taking them to limelight…sad thing is that Nigeria justice system is flawed. Lil Wayne tried this to his boss in the US, now check his life today as he has contemplated suicide a couple of times. I sympathise with the management of GWW, they have really helped this guy progressed his career and given him a huge facelift and I don’t think they deserve this embarrassment

  4. Tola

    December 7, 2017 at 11:14 am

    Another day, another progress, another face, another problem, another way is another kind debt. Another day, another day. Another label, another chain for 7 more years, kiss daniel and sugar boy God got you, he will see you through.

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