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A December to Remember, Thanks to Barton & Guestier Wines



As 2017 was gradually drawing to an end, everyone pulled together all the energy they had left to wrap the year up, and the world famous French wine company Barton & Guestier (B&G), decided it was time to start the clinking of glasses, turn the volume up and switch on the mood of the holiday season.

The first stop was the premiere of the much-anticipated movie, “The Wedding Party 2”. As hundreds of celebrities and top dignitaries attended the venue of the premiere in high expectation, they were welcomed by the enchanting aroma of Thomas Barton Reserve wines, Chateau Magnol and Chateau d’Arcins; all premium still wines, preserved and matured in the best of French barrels. Soon, the premiere turned into a real party as laughter and hearty talk filled the hall, and guests relished the range of wine that they were being served.

The B&G party train moved to the British High Commission a few days later, for the private screening of the movie. It was a joyous occasion that reinforced that age old Nigeria-Britain relationship, spiced up with the taste of French wine mastery.

Next stop, on Christmas Day, was the rooftop bar of the luxurious Maison Fahrenheit in Victoria Island, where B&G hosted a food and wine party that had in attendance wonderful guests who in the beautiful spirit of the season, raised their wine filled glasses to the sky as they partied into the night.

Finally, for 2017, the party had one last dance at the 10th Anniversary of Spronks and end of the year party for Liquid Hub in Ikoyi. As Family, friends and fans of the popular Ikoyi spot all gathered together in an outdoor setup with beautiful bistro light and Napoli seating, B&G rolled out bottles of the best premium wines to make the celebration a truly memorable event.

There can be no doubt why B&G Wines, from 1725 till date, continue to delight lovers of fine wine all over the world.

The Wedding Party 2 Premiere

The Christmas Party at Maison

Spronks Anniversary and Liquid Hub end of year party

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