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#GoodnesstoGreatness: Life 101 Cast Member shares how Malta Guinness brought him Closer to his Dreams



Malta Guinness Life 101 Series put me in the spotlight– Tega Olose

Life 101

Tega is an actor and model. He is known for his ability to mimic different characters. Tega was a part of the Malta Guinness Life 101 series. In this interview, he talks about how much his career has soared since the Life 101 series.

  • What were you doing before the Life 101 series?

I was working on acting and modelling projects.   

  • Have you always wanted to be an actor?


Life 101

  • How much has your life changed since the Life 101 TV series?

It was a great experience working on the Life 101 project “great cast & crew” and thanks for the spotlight.

  • What was the reaction of your family/friends to seeing you on TV?

I mean, it has always been the same…they love it and hope to see me in the next and the next and the next project.  

Life 101

  • If you were not playing ‘Dotun’ what other character do you think you would have played in the Life 101 series?

Big ups and shout out to Ebonylife TV, they put out the character bible before the auditions and from the very moment I encountered the character Dotun, I’ve wanted to put life to Dotun. 

  • If you were to change one thing in your life, what would that be?

Nothing. I love my life.

  • What is next for you?

Season two of Life 101 “Life201” by God’s Grace…and looking forward to a lot of acting.

life 101

  • What role would you say Malta Guinness played in fueling your greatness and helping you actualize your dreams?

2017 has been a blessed year and Life 101 has been a part of my story. Actualizing my dreams has and is a process. Ebonylife TV life 101 powered by Malta Guinness has brought me a step closer and am grateful. 

  • What is your charge to other Nigerians who are still looking up to actualize their dreams?

Wake up from that dream, put some work to it, keep at it “cause that way you get better”, put God first and don’t forget to put some Malta Guinness on it

Life 101

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