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“Every evil you find in society is caused by corruption directly or indirectly” – Ibrahim Magu



Ibrahim Magu, acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), has called for the help of Nigerians in stamping out corruption, Punch reports.

Magu said this on a visit to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) office on Thursday.

Magu blamed the problems plaguing the country on corruption, adding that even cancer is caused by corruption. He said:

Corruption is the worst enemy of Nigeria. It is a disaster. It causes all evils. Even cancer is caused by corruption. Every evil you find in society is caused by corruption directly or indirectly. So, it is high time you and I stamped corruption out.

We are all Nigerians and we all have equal responsibility of fighting corruption. Everybody in his home has a responsibility in the fight against corruption and no one can sit down and say he can fight corruption alone. Corruption is affecting everybody.

Everyone must join in the fight against corruption. Corruption is a disaster, it has done too much damage in this country and I believe INEC is fighting corruption indirectly. They may not be fighting corruption the way we are fighting it. That is why I said fight corruption whichever way you want to fight it.

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  1. Somto

    February 8, 2018 at 9:44 pm

    Correction. Every evil you find in a society stems from a bad moral upbringing and the breakdown of familiy values. Everything now boils down to hustling even if the money is gotten thru dubious means all na God blessings. Parents do not ask their children questions anymore about how they got all the expensive things they own.

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