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Only One Week to Go & the FIFA World Cup Trophy lands in Naija! Here’s how you Can Win a Ticket



FIFA World Cup TrophySet your timer right! One week from today and we are going to see the Original FIFA World Cup Trophy Live. I can feel the chills all over… I mean goosebumps! It’s finally going to be here; first in Abuja and then in Lagos. If you have not gotten your ticket to see the original FIFA World Cup Trophy when it arrives…then you are on a long thing.

So what are you waiting for? Follow Coca-Cola on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter to also join the challenge to win a ticket. You might be lucky and just win a VVIP ticket to hang out in style with your favourite Naija celebrities and the FIFA World Cup Trophy.

Wow! Can’t wait to be part of this once in a lifetime moment! It’s going to be groundbreaking! Thanks, Coca-Cola!

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