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The ‘Developing Effective Private Education in Nigeria’ Initiative wants to help You Get More Involved in Your Children’s Education



DEEPEN private education campaignSo, say you are about to select a school for your child, what are the things to look out for? How do you identify what a good school is?  And if you have already selected a good school, how much do you know about your child’s education? How often do you monitor his or her progress to determine if he or she is getting the quality education that you pay so much for? How often do you, as a parent, get in touch with your children’s teachers to find out how they are faring?

These are some of the questions being thrown up by an ongoing campaign by the Developing Effective Private Education in Nigeria (DEEPEN), an initiative of Cambridge. The campaign is aimed at improving the quality of private education in Nigeria by encouraging parents to take more interest in their children’s education through getting involved with other parents to help improve the school’s performance.

DEEPEN has partnered with three radio stations in Lagos State; Bond 92.9 FM, WAZOBIA 95.1 FM and Top Radio 90.9 FM. Topics discussed on the radio show border around issues like identifying what a good school is, security in schools as well as things your child should know at every stage in school. During each of the programmes, you can phone in and discuss these issues or just air your views.

These programmes will continue in the month of March, so tune in to these radio stations and learn more about education. The programmes come up on Bond FM on Wednesdays at 10.05 am; Wazobia FM on Wednesdays at 11.00 am and Top Radio on Wednesdays at 2.00 pm.  

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