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“I see a country where women participate in the highest level of politics, since we have failed as men” – PDP Chairman Uche Secondus



"One day, we shall have a woman president" - PDP Chairman Uche Secondus - BellaNaijaNational Chairman for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP)Uche Secondus, has said Nigeria will one day have a woman president, The Cable reports.

Seconds said he sees a future where women will participate in the highest level of politics as men has failed over the years. He said:

I see a country where women participate in the highest level of politics, since we have failed as men have over the years. One day, we shall have a woman president.

I apologise to women on behalf of men who had been saddled with state responsibility over the years and failed to deliver on their mandates.

The struggle for the emancipation of women must continue. We urge women to take advantage of the party’s constitution provision that makes interest form for any elective office free for women.

Women should be courageous enough to contest for any elective office ranging from councillor-ship to presidency.


  1. King John

    March 9, 2018 at 10:34 am

    May That day not see the light of day, instead of woman to be my president, i will trek to togo and stay there, that means all the men are useless

  2. Rich

    March 9, 2018 at 11:55 am

    What has women participating in politics got to do with the failure of men ? Why cant women participate because they have dreams, ambitions and want their voices to be heard. What is all this ? I see a future where women participate in the highest level of politics because we can, we are smart and more than cable. I see a future where young women know their dreams are valid and attainable because they have seen other women do it. I’m not even Nigerian but one day a Nigerian woman will be president because women are more than capable and we can have it all. This has nothing to do with men or the failure of men. We are not taking up positions because men have failed. We are taking up positions because our dreams, voices and opinions are valid.

  3. Cmbo

    March 9, 2018 at 1:36 pm


  4. Engoz

    March 9, 2018 at 4:10 pm

    No debate on that one that Nigerian men/patriarchy are/is an abysmal failure. It has totally failed to create a civilization for it’s women and children to live like human beings and not like animals. A rotten, defeated patriarchy/leadership aka headship that cannot compete with other patriarchies on the world stage. A perfect disgrace to manhood and humanity.

    Nevertheless, it is foolhardy not to mention the part women have played in being handmaidens and foot soldiers of the degeneracy of Nigerian men/patriarchy. Secondly, the PDP had a majority senate and dominated the political scene for 16 years. You will have to sell yourself better and tell the public what were the PDP’s achievements that directly affected women in general during those 16years! Thirdly, personal opinion here- giving someone a post only helps that person, rarely do I ever see it translate to the larger society, because social agency, consciousness, and obligation is something lacking in most Nigerians that aspire to leadership. We have seen how useless the concept of zoning ministerial posts based on ethnic group can be so far. Does it automatically translate into the ethnic group doing good? Nope. It is a plus to have a woman who represents female interests, nevertheless the crux of the matter is to have individuals who represent the legislative interests of the emancipation of the Nigerian female .


    March 9, 2018 at 8:20 pm

    This is the problem….any idiot just thinks he can score a point by “supporting” women. You guys failed becos you guys are endlessly corrupt. Put corrupt women in position of power they will do the same. Dont suggest that your shameless corrupt men including you, represent all men!

    You and your folks can do work, yet you wont get outta da damn way!

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