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#BBNaija – Day 63: In Too Deep, All Hail Teddy A & More Highlights



#BBNaija - Day 63: In Too Deep, All Hail Teddy A & More Highlights

Did you watch day 63 of the Big Brother Naija 3 reality show?

If you missed it, we’ve got the highlights for you!


Anything Can Happen

Last night was one of the most surprising moments of the whole season. BamBam‘s shock Eviction really showed the Housemates that with Big Brother, anything is possible.

Ebuka Fever

Ebuka‘s entrance into the party and then the House was clearly an enormous deal for the Housemates, he injected new life into the party and left a strong impression on all the Housemates who could talk of nothing else after he left. Cee-C, who always talks about Ebuka, seemed so shy around him, barely speaking a word while Lolu and Khloe were acting like they had known the handsome TV host for years.

Cut Up

Obviously BamBam’s Eviction was not expected at all, by any of the Housemates and so it really rang throughout every corner of the House. Nina and Cee-C were extremely relieved at the fact that they had managed to survive but Teddy A was really torn up. He cried on the bed and expressed his shock to Alex, something that was quite unexpected from the self-proclaimed “Alpha Male“.

Cee-C’s Custom Designs

Another moment that caused a stir last night was Cee-C cutting apart her traditional dress from Payporte. She literally cut the entire skirt of the dress off and made it into a crop-top that she wore with a tight pencil skirt. Many of the Housemates were quite shocked at her behaviur as were the audience. She didn’t seem to care though. She was open about the fact that she didn’t like the dress and she did what she needed to do to feel comfortable in her.

Teddy A’s Disbelief

We could go back as far as our memories allow us to and even then, it would be utterly difficult to find moments where Teddy A and BamBam weren’t joined at the hip. Their relationship and games were so directly aligned that it wouldn’t be completely careless to assume that this was exactly their strategy. Supposing it was, Teddy A has certainly lost a vital part of his focal point and only the time keeper can tell us how it will play out for him going forward.

It’s There, I Just Don’t Show It

Besides the fact that his affection towards Bambam was obvious, he wasn’t exactly the initiator, well at least not often enough because it was clear that BamBam wore hers on her sleeves and riskily bore it all. Having always been open and vocal about his relationship outside the House and how he and BamBam just had a ‘special’ friendship, one would expect some level of disappointment given the circumstances under which BamBam had to let go of her 25 Million Naira dream. However, his reaction was way more than just disappointment.

Can’t Hold Back The Tears

When Ebuka unsealed the envelope and announced BamBam as the unfortunate Evictee, it took a bit of time for Teddy A to react but when he did, it was a sad sight; his first official display of emotion. Although shock replaced the post-party excitement and left the Housemates lubricated on a slippery surface, Teddy A was the one left groundless when he realized that Nina and Cee-C were in fact stronger competition than BamBam was. There’s only a certain amount of disappointment a person can handle and judging by his teary episode, Teddy A had reached his threshold and just couldn’t contain it. Seeing as he’s never had a ‘sore loser’ attitude when he couldn’t quite crack the Challenges Biggie lay before them, losing BamBam seems to be the only loss that mattered to him. That’s what happens when you spend a total of 62 days with someone, and in BamBam’s own words “fall stupidly for them”, only to have them taken away from you.

It might be hard to fathom this especially when one’s faves are at the receiving end of such sour eventualities but as mentioned before, the Big Brother concept strives on twists and plots that bring discomfort to both the Housemates and viewers alike. Teddy A’s game seems to have reached its peak but that doesn’t make an incline impossible.

Khloe’s Way or The Highway

Khloe’s presence in the House has always been felt and even after the Reset, she still manages to rub the other Housemates off the wrong way. Basically, it’s like she never left.

The Dragon’s Den

At first, her demeanor made everyone else think that she’d been redeemed from her old chaotic ways that equated to a her and K.Brule’s premature exits, thanks to their collective strikes. However, it seems as though the dragon had been in hibernation and has woken up because in just a week, Khloe has had more quarrels than some of the other Housemates had since inception.

Owning the Drama

Her return was obviously frowned upon by the Housemates not only based on the fact that she had a bit of a noisy history. Understated? But also because she didn’t stay long enough for them to fathom her strategy and measure just how strong she was in terms of Votes. Her strategy might have been  completely overshadowed by all the quarrel and indifference she’d had with the other Housemates pre-return but now, it looks like that is what she’s adopted as a strategy. Having been outside and fully exposed to the public’s perceptions of the different characters and roles in the House; the one that Khloe seems to have picked up from all the BBNaija related frenzy is the fact that people feed on quarrels and misunderstandings; swallowing it whole and forgetting that too much of anything is nauseating.

Friend and Foe

If you thought Cee-C shook the House, then Khloe’s recent outburst with her, Nina, Alex, Teddy A and Tobi has certainly made the foundation complain because the amount of instability went from minimum to over the limit real quick. Her game face seems to be hardening as the fateful finale draws nearer, making her that more likely to hit the drum harder. One trait of hers that can’t be ignored however is the fact that even after ugly brawls and cut-throat confrontations, she manages to bounce back into the others’ good books that they can’t help but hug it out without really hugging it out. You, friend but foe but friend!

Two things. It’s either we’re getting what we see and being fed the real Khloe or she’s adopted a rather messy strategy. Nonetheless, it’s still anyone’s game and if this is what she deems effective, by all means, let her quarrel away.

Anto, In Too Deep

Anto has always had a somewhat ‘I don’t care’ vibe about her and just like BamBam, Teddy A and Rico Swavey, she’s managed to maintain a rather neutral front except when someone pushed way too hard. Right now though, she seems to have come back with a bit of sensitivity. Could this be strategy?

Lolu’s Attempts

For a little while pre-Eviction, Anto and Lolu became completely submerged in the idea of each other, consequently becoming each other’s shadows. Okay, we’ll rephrase. Lolu, although having said that Anto wasn’t the kind of girl he’d usually go for, appeared to have fallen for her and despite her constant shade, he never let any courting opportunities pass him by.

Pre-Eviction Free Masonry

Anto on the other hand seemed to have adopted free masonry and refused to be held down by Lolu’s display of emotion; rolling with whom she pleased, doing what she wanted and with strategy in hand, played her game for the win. There are instances when Anto made it clear that she wasn’t about to make any emotional investments and bluntly told Lolu that he’d need to up his game because she didn’t feel like depositing all her eggs in one basket. Telling him that just as a soccer player would choose the team that offered them the most contractual rewards, she had to analyse and see who had more to offer her. Deep.

Cards on The Table

Being Evicted and finding out that she wasn’t the one holding the winning card, discovering that Lolu was in fact the one dealt a better hand, her ego took a heavy hit. Despite having rejected and curving him silly, she was visibly hurt by the news that Lolu had a ‘person’ outside the House because this meant that he wasn’t being completely sincere about his feelings towards her. This turn of events hit her so had that she couldn’t help but talk about during their dice game. Revealing her disappointment and downright avoiding Lolu for a good while. He tried to talk his way back into her good books but she made it clear that the little confidence she had in him had been thrown out the window.

You’re my Girl

It certainly wasn’t over for him because for the first time, he threw the begging and questioning aside, admitting his mistake and letting her know that besides being the guy that disappointed her, he was still the guy that considered her his girl and all he wanted was his girl back. Whether her reaction was sincere of in line with her strategy, Lolu managed to redeem himself and she was taken. There is some emotion in there after all. Let’s see how it plays out.

Sweet, Bitter & Sweet Again

A week that started out as surreal to the Housemates; waking up to Anto and Khloe’s return to having visitors in the House and the late night eviction of BamBam, has ended well with them winning the wager.

Not much to by because they wagered twenty five percent, the news came as a relief for them but not as much as guys in the House.

Because they lost their turf wars to the guys, the ladies have been ordered to not participate in anything involving the shopping or they will be punished.

Super Eagles Fever

A surprise visit from former Super Eagles players was a pleasant surprise for the Housemates which saw them participating in a game of football in their own back yard.

The rest of the week saw them turning Biggie’s House into an art studio, each trying to come up with a powerful message for their national football heroes.

Each to their own, the arty pieces were well put together and the messages conveyed was unanimously of backing and rallying behind their National team till the end.

Unexpected Visitor

Ebuka’s happy moments with the Housemates were cut short when it was revealed that the visitor he brought came baring bad news, which saw BamBam leaving the House. With Biggie always ready and full of twists the Housemates were left wondering if it could be one of those, an April fool’s joke or just a normal eviction.

Smiles From Turf Wars

The turf wars made it difficult for the Housemates to maneuver freely but at the end it all bore fruit. The Housemates won their wager and shopping will commence as soon as they’re told.

All Hail Teddy A

It has been bad news after the other for Teddy A, whose stay at the Big Brother House has unfortunately come to an end.

Barely a day since his in-House girlfriend, BamBam was told to leave the House, Teddy A has become the latest Housemates to be Evicted from the House.

Looking back from moments when the pair was referred to as ‘BamTeddy’ they have since been joined at the hip and stealing moments from time to time that stimulated couple goals.

The Alpha Male

When Teddy A first burst into the Big Brother Naija scene, he stood out as a well poised individual whom the next person’s presence never seemed to intimidate him, as a result that earned him the ‘alpha male’ term within his social following

Even though Teddy A was readily available to socialise with others, he has been one Housemates that hasn’t been afraid to voice out his concerns. Whether he likes it or not, he’ll straight up let you know what he thinks.

Music and Soul

From the day he entered the House, Teddy A made everyone aware that music is his soul and from time to time he’s give us a glimpse of what he can do behind the microphone.

Like a true entertainer, he hasn’t been one to shy away from the dance floor during the Saturday parties and now he leaves the House with his unsurpassed cocktail mixing skill which the remaining Housemates will to do without.

Reunited Outside

Though Teddy A was never ambiguous about having a partner on the outside and BamBam completely being on the same page with him they will have their final moments together as BamBam just left the Big Brother stage.

All the best to Teddy A, the music scene awaits you as an entertainer.


Have you been watching? What did you think of the Day 63 activities?

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