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Saro Lifecare launches New Sniper Insecticide Spray



Mosquitoes are amongst the deadliest insects in the world.  In the local African scene, Nigeria is one of the countries which has the largest exposure to mosquitoes, making malaria one of the most severe public health problems, with approximately 51 million cases and 207,000 deaths reported annually (approximately 30 % of the total malaria burden in Africa), while 97 % of the total population (approximately 173 million) is at risk of infection (Adedigba A. Web. 11 April, 2018.  Other flying and crawling insects that affect daily living present increased health hazards and dangers which need to be controlled in order to prevent infections and diseases.  A number of products have been developed in the past to help in getting rid of these pests and promote healthy living.

Sniper, a product of Saro Lifecare Limited, is a household product known for its utmost efficacy in terminating rodents and pests instantly.  It recently launched a new line of products, Sniper Insecticide Spray, the rapid action insect killer, specially formulated for indoor use. To maintain its effectiveness, the Sniper Insecticide comes in two variants, Sniper Flying Insect Killer and Sniper Crawling Insect Killer.


The Sniper Insecticide Spray product range provides a more convenient and effective solution for eradicating all flying & crawling insects from households.  Get rid of these insects instantly with Sniper’s quick knockdown and rapid action insecticide spray.

Sniper Insecticide range is available in the Open markets, Supermarkets and Modern retail stores Pan Nigeria. To buy online click here 

For more information on this new product, and to WIN amazing prizes, join the conversation on social media with the hashtag #FinishDemwithSniper and follow @SniperNigeria on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. Emeka

    May 15, 2018 at 9:56 pm

    Am currently using this insecticide at home and sincerely its working. Gosh I have great testimony using it.

    • Sanmi

      February 5, 2020 at 8:52 pm

      Best in Class

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