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Drunk Policeman who Shot Neighbour Dead Arrested



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A policeman in Calabar, Cross River State, has been arrested after fatally shooting his neighbour in the neck.

Punch reports that the policeman, Edu Nkanu, a sergeant, had arrived home from a party drunk before shooting his 32-year-old neighbour, Victoria Ekpe, in front of her 6-year-old daughter.

An eyewitness, Elizabeth Bassey, who is also the victim’s cousin, shared that Nkanu shot Ekpe after she (Bassey) asked why he came home drunk. She said:

At about 8.30pm on Sunday, my late cousin and I were outside the compound. We had just come back from an outing; I went into the house to change my clothes while she stayed outside responding to some messages on her phone. Our mum, Mma, was also there.

By the time I came out, she was still outside fiddling with her phone. Just about then, the policeman came back from his outing. Our mum asked him what he brought from his outing, he told her he did not come home with anything.

He left Mma and came to the passage where I was standing, I asked him why he always got drunk anytime he went out. Immediately, he turned and brought out a pistol from his pocket cocked it and pointed it at me saying, this is what I brought from the party.

I got scared and ran away, but he turned the gun to the direction of my late cousin, who was busy with her phone and did not know what we were discussing and shot her at her neck.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Irene Ugbo, confirmed the shooting, revealing that Nkanu has been arrested and will be dismissed from the force and prosecuted.

The Policeman has been arrested, he is in our custody and we are going to try him. The gun that he used to shoot the deceased is not a police gun; it is a locally-made pistol. So, he is going to tell us where he got that gun from and who ordered him to shot an innocent woman.

There was no quarrel between them as we were told. We are going to prosecute him for murder after his dismissal.

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  1. mama

    July 11, 2018 at 2:03 pm

    I think they need to make a psychiatric test a pre-requisite for admission into our armed forces

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