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Yewande Jinadu: 4 Tips to Help You Prepare for a Telephone Interview



Yewande Jinadu: 4 Tips to Help You Prepare for a Telephone InterviewThere are various strategies recruiters use when filling different roles. One of those includes phone interviews with candidates without pre-informing the candidates ahead.

This is most often used when there is a high volume of applications and recruiters would like to test some competencies before proceeding to a face to face interview.

There are some roles that require candidates who are able to think on their feet, spontaneous, problem solvers. Some of those roles include: Customer Care, Client relations, Sales etc.

I would advise that job applicants always prepare for a phone interview even before getting feedback from the company. Here are some tips to help you ace the phone interview when it eventually happens:

It’s Not A Crime to Ask For a Reschedule
If you’re not in a good place to talk or in the right frame of mind, it will be a disadvantage for you if you mess up. Simply tell the recruiter to kindly call you back in a few minutes stating the exact time, or that you’ll text the person immediately you’re in a convenient place.

Do a Little Research About the Company
It’s a turn off when candidates can’t remember details about the company they’ve applied to. It shows a lot about the candidate. Ask yourself why you’re applying for a role in the company even as you’re filling the application form or sending an email.  That’s the advantage of personally writing a cover letter for each application, because you’re indirectly preparing ahead for possible questions.

Summarize Your Responses
It can be a huge turn-off when you start telling irrelevant stories forgetting that the recruiter is burning off airtime during the telephone interview. If you don’t understand the question, ask the recruiter to explain further or re-iterate it in your own understanding and ask if that’s what he/she is asking about. Always try to gather your thoughts first before opening your mouth to speak. This shows your ability to think fast.

Ask for Feedback
It’s not a crime to ask for immediate feedback during your telephone interview. This will help you know if you’re moving forward or areas you need to improve on. Not all recruiters can give you immediate feedback but some can give you suggestions on how you can perform better the next time. It also shows you’re willing to learn and improve on yourself.

I wish you the best!
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Yewande Jinadu is the Founder of CareerLife ( and also the Head, People and Culture of a leading tech firm. She has been recognised both globally and locally as an HR Leader and Career Influencer. With CareerLife Foundation, she helps young professionals achieve measurable success in their career. With CareerLife Consulting Services, she partners with businesses to deliver value through its people by providing HR Services (Recruitment, Training etc). She can be reached via [email protected] or @careerlifeng on Twitter and Instagram

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