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Ariston Thermo Group launches the Pronto Neo Electric Instant Heater in Nigeria



Ariston Thermo, a global leading group in the thermal comfort industry, has launched the Pronto Neo Electric Instant Water Heater into the Nigerian market at well-attended trade launch ceremonies in Lagos and various parts of Nigeria.

The Pronto Neo Electric Instant Water Heater is a portable, best-in-class home product that will change the way Nigerians use and heat water for various purposes at home. It is the result of an intensive research and development programme. As its name suggests, the product is engineered for faster heating – as soon as the heater is switched on.

Pronto Neo features an elegant Italian design water heater, with a rare combination of technology and style. It was designed for young people, new couples, people living in rented apartment. and, in general anyone who is not using a water heater. Ariston Pronto Neo does not require complex technical installations and breaking of walls. Ariston seeks to replace inefficient sources of water heating such as: boiling rings, gas stoves and other stressful means of heating water. Pronto Neo is both cost and time-saving.

Speaking at the launch in Lagos, Country manager of Ariston Thermo Heating Technology Nigeria Ltd, Gaurav Bisaria said: “Our lifestyles are getting fast paced than ever before, we at Ariston Thermo understand that. We are delighted to bring Pronto Neo to Nigeria, which is tropicalised for African Markets. We continue to set the benchmark in the industry by introducing innovative, state-of-the-art technology and aesthetically designed products every year. This new offering bears testimony to our ability of constantly offer innovative and customized solutions based on consumer insights. We continue to invest and look at opportunities on how to expand the category.”

About Ariston Thermo Group

Ariston Thermo Group is the global leader in thermic comfort solutions for domestic, commercial & industrial spaces

All over the world, Ariston Thermo is synonymous with comfort, energy efficiency and respect for the environment, thanks to its high efficiency products, its plants in compliance with the most advanced production standards and excellent pre- and after-sales customer support services.

The 1.57 billion group Euro employs 7000 people worldwide and manufactures over 7 million products per year, and over 36million components. With 26 state-of-the-art production units in 15 countries, Ariston Thermo Group has a global presence in 150 countries with Ariston as its flagship brand.  Over 6 million households choose us every year and more than 250 million people experience the comfort of Ariston Thermo products. The company invested over 79 million Euros across 23 R&D centers in 15countries. The company has significant presence in Europe and Asia, with production sites in Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Tunisia, U.S.A, Uzbekistan and Vietnam. There is now a major thrust on Renewable energy, through solar water heaters and systems. By 2020, the group aims to have 80% of its business coming from high efficiency and renewable solutions.

The company is registered in Nigeria as Ariston Thermo Heating Technology Nigeria Ltd.

To learn more about Ariston Thermo Group, visit our website.

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