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Ireti Doyle welcomes 1st Grandchild



Star actress Ireti Doyle has officially joined the grandmothers club!

The Nollywood star’s daughter who got married some years back has welcomed a daughter.

Ireti took to Instagram on Tuesday night to share the amazing news with a photo of her daughter which she captioned “E ba mi yin Oluwa looogoooo!!! For on this day a child, my 1st grandchild; to us is born?❤❤❤”

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E ba mi yin Oluwa looogoooo!!! For on this day a child, my 1st grandchild; to us is born?❤❤❤#Repost @kachibeautyproducts (@get_repost) ・・・ JESUS IS REAL…….THANK YOU MY FATHER????????? ????? A ✉ to my beloved daughter, JABANNA TANYA ONYEULO you will grow up and read this letter cos the internet never forgets which is why am writting it here. You are My jewel, my crown, my joy, my answered prayers, my greatest achievement, my peace, my laughter, my supernatural gift from God. WITH MY MOUTH FILLED WITH PRAISE AND HANDS LIFTED HIGH IN PRAISE  TO THE LORD, I ASKED FOR YOU FROM LORD, IN PRAISE YOU WERE CONCEIVED, IN PRAISE I CARRIED YOU WITH EASE IN MY WOMB FOR NINE BEAUTIFUL MONTHS, IN PRAISE YOU WERE BORN, IN PRAISE I WILL BRING  YOU UP IN THE WAY OF THE LORD THAT WHEN YOU GROUP YOU WILL NOT DEPART FROM IT. IN PRAISE YOU WILL BE BETTER THAN ME. IN PRAISE YOU ARE  THE FIRST AND NOT LAST. IN PRAISE YOU ARE THE HEAD AND NOT THE TAIL. IN PRAISE YOUR GENERATION WILL CELEBRATE YOU,  IN PRAISE YOU WILL FULFIL DESTINY….IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME, AMEN. Baby J like i always call you everytime you give me those your left kicks as i was told by my doctor that you have long legs like your mama? oh yes darling, you kicked the hell out of me? Your conception and birth brought me more closer to JESUS, so i owe it to you to love you with everything i have and i am. Your birth gave me a voice and made me a complete woman. From today miluv,  nothing else matters. For everytime i look at you JABANNA i see God and i see possibilities. With you i will never doubt God nor his promises. I will live for you  and be the best Mom will be forever proud of. Ada m, everything about you is PERFECT❤ i can't believe you came out me. The things i didnt have, you will have,  the things i lacked as a child, you will never lack…..for as long as i have breath in me, you will be a very happy child and God's own. You are my best friend jabs, am just looking forward to when you will be all grown ….jabanna, you and i will make history. I Love my Beloved❤❤❤❤

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